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Halloween Favorites!

Well this is a special post as i usually only do favorites monthly but I thought it would be fun to do ‘favorites’ for holidays! So like usual I’ve compiled a few of my fav fav Halloween items that I just can’t go without when Halloween is around! I hope you all enjoy. and of course, like always, leave me a comment below and let me know what some of YOUR favorite items are for Halloween!

1. S’bux Pumpkin Spice Latte (approx. 4$): I think this is a given! it’s the perfect drink for Halloween time with the pumpkin and the succulent whipped cream, and its nice and hot for my cold Canada weather! melts my heart every time I drink it. mmm
2. Halloween Inspired Babylegs (approx. 13$): Now that Oakley is here, holidays are super fun, and well I don’t think babylegs are just for girls! get a cute boy-ish or unisex pair like this one and pair it with a onesie, SUPERCUTE!
3. My First Halloween Onesie by Carters (approx 8$): Common! Its his FIRST Halloween, I have to be THAT mom and dress Oakley up for a picture to remember this for ever! So super cute, affordable onesie to showcase the big day! I actually purchased this to also go under his Halloween costume as another layer!
4. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle Bath & Body Works (approx 20$): I think any pumpkin spice or pumpkin candle would do the trick I just love walking around the house smelling pumpkin, since we only get this one time a year, I savor every smell of  it I can get!
5. Hocus Pocus (approx. PRICELESS): This is legit hands down my favorite movie! Like when I was growing up every Halloween my baba and papa would take my sister and I to get this movie from the rental store and I just can’t ever get enough of it, like it’s a classic for sure, and I will defiantly be sharing this oldie but goodie with Oakley when he is old enough!
6. Candy Corn (approx 3$ a bag): love candy corn! It’s just a classic Halloween candy AND it’s so colourful AND you can do so many great little DIYs with it! love. love.

*This is my opinion of these items which i’ve purchased myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this

DIY Chic Halloween Wreath!

So since halloween is around the corner, and with a 3 1/2 month old baby its hard to find the time to do crafts right now, however I have one here for you that is SO SUPER EASY! and it’s SO chic. The nice thing about this DIY Wreath is is very inexpensive and its very customizable to what you want for ex. if you have a certain theme or colours etc. This could also be a wreath you can make for any holiday just by changing up the colours! so if you like this wreath keep reading on how to create this wreath at home yourself for under 25$. ENJOY :)… let me know in the comments below if you want more DIYs projects & what type you want to see!

Finished Wreath

What You’ll Need

1 Syrofoam Wreath – I purchased this from Michaels – the largest one they had (13$) – I had a coupon for 40% off any one item so this was the item I used it on. so it costed me 7.80+tax
5 yards of tulle – I purchased this from fabric land but you can also purchase it at Michaels – this was 2.30$ a yard so 11.50$+tax
1 glue gun – i’m sure every DIYer has this. but if you dont you can also purchase this from Michaels, so this didn’t cost me anything but when i bought it, it costed about 5$? really cheap!
2 stems of flowers – I purchased this at Michaels as well. Mine had 3 flowers on each so 6 flowers total, 0.99$ each, so it was 2$+tax. However if you really want to halloween it up instead of flowers you can buy like spiders and cob web or anything really!
*optional is a door hanger to hang it, OR if you already have a nail in your door like me, then use this : ) & combine it with another piece of coloured tulle as a “hanger”

What You Need
How To

1: Cut the tulle to any lenght you like, if you like a fuller puffy look go longer, if not and you like it shorter go shorter! mine are cut to approximatly 7inches x 10inches. this is the most time consuming part, it took me about 1 hr to cut all of my tulle.
2: Once all the tulle is cut one by one tie each piece  into a [tight] double knot around the wreath.
3: As you tie each one, push them tight together.
4: Once the wreath is full, fluff up your tulle as desired. i liked mine all facing up and forward [none to the back as that will be against the door and no one will see]
5: Pull off your flowers from the stem and start putting the flowers or decorations on the wreath in a position you like. [i wanted my wreath quite simply however you can glam it up with tons of flowers different colours tyles textures etc]
6: Once you found a place for all your decor, heat up your glue gun and one by one glue them to the tulle on the wreath
7: Voilà! all finished! hang in your house, on your front door, over the fireplace anywhere!..



Did you know today is WORLD FOOD DAY?

I didn’t : ) so while I was searching the web this morning, i found out that today [oct 16] is world food day. And let’s be honest I LOVE food. It’s like the highlight of my life! So although this isn’t going to be a long post I thought id just post pictures of some my favorite food. Just for the record, candy and sweets IS food to me ; ) Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re favorite foods are to eat!

1: Oatmeal – – plain .. w/ brown sugar.. mmmm
2: Pierogi-s – – typically cheese w/ succulant sour cream + bacon + onions
3: Roast – – need i say more?
4: Chicken + Gnocci Soup – – mm must go to Olive Garden now
5: Beef Stroganoff – – amazing on every level
6: Watermelon – – it’s so juicy and I just can’t get enough in the summer
7: Apple Crisp – – w/ ice cream of course! best with baba’s apples off the tree!
8: Chicken Parm – – love love, who doesn’t love meat and melted cheese and noodles?
9: Chicken Alfredo – – w/ melted mozza. how juicy-ful
10: Chicken Caesar Wrap – – w/ teriyaki chicken.. easy fast filling amazing
11: Blueberries – – legit like the best fruit ever, SO good for you, and so yuumie
12: Corn – – taber corn only! NO impersonating stuff!
13: Lettuce Wraps – – healthy and amazing
14: Breaded Turkey Breast – – umm its turkey, HELLO!
15: Nacho’s – – w/ sour cream, salsa, + jalapeno’s…best late night snack everrr
16: Cheese Cake – – only plain. melt in my mouth get in my bell-EHH!

Oakley’s Nursery

When my husband and I found out we were having a boy, I instantly started thinking about little ideas I wanted for the nursery. We went back and forth and there were a ton of inspirations saved on my computer and a few that I had on my pinterest board. I didn’t really know what I wanted for a crib or the colours for the wall etc. It took me a long time to decide and well it took me 4 months to complete because I couldn’t make up my mind.. oops. Although in my defense we moved to a new house when I was 8 months pregnant so I wasnt really able to do the nursery for 20 weeks, i had just purchased all the items and had them stacking up in a room of my old house [I still called it Oakley’s room hehe] After showing my husband what all I wanted to do and he agreed I started purchasing all the big items like the crib, and changer etc. When we moved into our new house I was like in ‘nesting’ mode. We got new carpet for Oakley’s room and finally after a week and that was all done Tyler started painting the walls, putting up for decals, building all the furniture etc all the big stuff that my big bellied self couldn’t do. For those of you who don’t personally know me, don’t know I was a giant beast at the end of my pregnancy, I legit had insane swollen feet, felt like it was hard to move sleep eat anything… all I’ll say is I was measuring 44 weeks pregnant the day I delivered which was my due date..Anyways once my husband put all the big items together I began doing all the little things as well as washing all his clothes, blankets, bedding etc. Below ill make a list of all the items we have for the room and link them if I remember where I got them! Theres still a few more things to do like put up his mobile [now that he’s sleeping in his room] put some art on the wall that I have I just need to frame it and what not and I need to get some blackout blinds and im thinking orange curtains. Keeping in mind this is probably not a typical nursery as we wanted Oakley to grow into his room and not out of it. This is Oakley’s nursery debut 🙂

Paint Colour is JAVA purchased at lowes
Crib (540$) Purchased online at
Crib Mattress (160$) Came as a special with our crib
Changer (130$) Purchased from Ikea, its actually a bookself turned on the side
Rocker (180$) Purchased from Ikea.  Colours are Robust dark brown leather + black brown frame
Footstool (120$) Purchased from Ikea. Colours are Robust dark brown leather + black brown frame
Wall Decals (80$) Purchased off etsy. Easy to install, & you can choose any colours you like 🙂
Crib Blanket (55$) Purchased off etsy. Chevron pattern white and orange on one side, minky dimple white on other side
Fitted Crib Sheet (35$) Purchased off etsy. White minky dimple fabric
Change Pad Cover (2/40$) Purchased off etsy. I Purchased Blue and Orange minky dimple
Crib Dream Soother (70$) This was a gift i registered for, can be purchased at Babies R Us
Mobile (26$) Purchased from wee gallery
Mobile Attachments (13$) Purchased from wee gallery
Fabric Drawers (2/10$) I got 4 of each blue and orange for Target
Closet Shelf (70$) Purchased from Ikea, again its just a bookshelf we attached rods to.
Table Lamp (15$) Purchased from Ikea
Sterlite Organizer (20$) Purchased from Walmart ( the link is to the new model, i couldn’t find the exact one I have )
Sound Machine  (50$) Purchased from babies r us
Video Monitor (300$) Was a gift but can be purchased from babies R us
Mirror (25$) I made this myself, bought a cheap mirror from homesense and spray painted it which i purchased from Home Depot as well as mirrored glass and mirror glue
Oilers Painting (priceless : )) my dad painted this for Oakley’s room, just like he painted a picture for my room when i was young

say WHAT?! Oakley is THREE months old!

Seriously? i have a THREE month old? i remember when i would read blogs when i was pregnant about women having two, three, four month olds and thinking wow that seems so far away! & yet here you are three months old.

Three month months old and you have changed so much. I took you to get weighed+measured on your three-month birthday and you weighed 13lbs 2oz & 24 1/4 long! WOW you grew 5lbs & 5 1/4 in since birth! In the last month you’ve learned to [almost] completely roll over by yourself back to front! you LOVE to bounce standing up, and you only love your daddy, no other male can hold you. but that’s ok, you cant help but love your daddy and neither can I. You have officially found your hands and would rather put them in your mouth then your soother. Actually you’ll suck and bite on anything and everything pretty much! You also love your activity mat and you stay there for a couple of hours a day just swinging back and forth your arms, your pretty cute doing it too I must admit. You are getting good at fighting your afternoon nap…but you love to fall asleep in your car seat — now if only we could get you to fall asleep in your crib during the day for long periods of time, like you do at night in your crib!! [which BTW you sleep AMAZING! 930-430 & 5-9, mama loves you for this] We’ve just recently tried out the jolly jumper and it was a hit, I cant wait till your so strong you can bounce like crazy in there! you do so many things I cant even think of them all, ill just say that your little smile and giggles and sweet face just melt my heart everytime & I just cant get enough of you, mama loves you SO much i’m just so excited to watch to grow into the little man you are becoming each and everyday. xox

and for some pictures : )
[just so everyone knows; i’m THAT mom that takes like 34580948304976 flicktures a day !]

happy [canadian] thanksgiving

While this year im thankful for all my family and friends, as well as my health and happiness. I’m especially thankful for my husband and son. Today Oakley wanted to give me ‘thanks’ by ‘giving’ me a gift I don’t ever want to receive again. While I was giving him snuggles and kisses, he spit up IN my mouth. I choked. & swallowed my regurgitated breastmilk…….HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I don’t really know… but i looked down at him and he’s laughing like ‘what mama i just wanted to share, you don’t like?’

I was lucky enough to have TWO turkey dinners this year spending quality time with my husband’s family! besides my favorite breaded turkey breast the best part is truly coming together and making memories. My husband’s cousin also had a baby 2 months after Oakley was born and the babies just seemed to lighten everyone’s spirits [even though Oakley cried most of the night.. he’s one shy boy!] leave me a comment below and let me know what you are thankful for & your favorite dish at dinner!

happy thanksgiving all!

September FAVORITES!

So this is my FIRST favorites post. This will be a post I do once a month of all the items I used a TON and LOVED for the month prior. From household items to makeup to baby items and more. So although we are now in october these are my september favorites! leave me a comment below and let me know what YOUR favorite september items were! & without further ado..

  1.  maybelline dream bouncy blush (approx. 8$): I actually bought this in august, used it once and thought ‘meh’ So after a while of it sitting in my makeup bag I used it again & realized I love it! Its starting to get cold and dry now where I live so this is perfect. I put it on after I put my foundation on and before I put my setting powder on and because it’s a cream blush it gives it that perfectly moisturized feel and look. I like this also because its light feeling while on my face and because they have 10 great colours to choose from!
  2. baby jogger city mini gt (approx. 399$): I freakin’ am obsessed and in love with my mini gt stroller. I will be doing a full review on this product, however for now… A few reasons why i love it is the maneuverability of the stroller itself is amazing! one-handed or even one finger it’s just so easy to move about especially in small places. Its Adjustable handlebar. The Forever air wheels making such smooth ride. The ginormous canopy, and the fact that it is an all around stroller from baby with the infant cart seat to a child up to 65lbs!!
  3. biore makeup removing towelettes (approx 13$ for 60): I received these as a sample in my monthly subscription to glossybox and am in love! Ive always had very sensitive skin so its hard to find makeup remover that doesn’t feel greasy or make me break out. These i found are the perfect textured towelette for being gentle on my skin but effective enough to remove all my makeup including mascara with just one wipe! I purchased my full pack from walmart.
  4. 4moms mamaroo plush edition (approx 270$): If you havent seen my review on the mamaroo click here to read all about why i love it. It’s still a favorite of mine because well my son loves it & gives me a chance to put him in it and get things around the house done!
  5. aden + anais muslin wrap (approx 60$/4): holy crap. LOVE THIS ITEM. LIKE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This for me is a cant live without item. These wraps are perfect for swaddling because they are BIG. They are SO soft and i use them for everything. Swaddling, burp cloth, blankets, car seat cover, everything you could think of. go buy these right now!!!!
  6. colgate optic white toothpaste (approx 4$): it really works & tastes great! I’ve really noticed a difference with  whiter brighter teeth. And most whitening toothpaste taste bad, but not this one I have the cool mint & love it


*This is my opinion of these items which i’ve purchased myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this


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