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Oakley’s 11th Month Update!

are you for reals? my BABY is 11 months old? i mean how? i just had him yesterday? i feel like the time has just gone by so fast and i know everyone says that but its just so true. everyday he learns somthing new and he just never seizes to amaze me. Hes all around a SUPER happy baby.

How Old: ELEVEN MONTHS on June 2 {pure insanity}

Height & Weight: 32 1/2 inches (95%) & 21.5 lbs (45%)

Teeth: 2 bottom, 4 tops, 2 more bottom coming in, and 2 more tops coming in, so 6 now, soon to be 10!

Sleeping: TYPICALLY you sleep through the night. which ive always loved you for 😉 but there are a few bumps in the road that arnt so pleasant in which when a tooth is about to pop out, you dont sleep, but i still love you. xoxoxoxo

Drinking: were still breastfeeding, and have started to transition to wholemilk with the AOK from his pedi

Eating: everything and anything insight! including lint and carpet fuzz…. sigh!

Diaper Size: we use out favorite applecheeks diapers and hes still a size 1, and when we have to use a disposable hes in a pampers swaddlers size 2

Clothing Size: all clothes are 9-12 month except sleepers which are 18 months thanks to those long legs of yours!

Love’s: he still LOVES bath time, and food, pretty well anything, hes a superb eater and if you follow me on instagram you can tell by his pictures hes quite the foodie, loves to feed himself and makes a giant mess too. ahh well.

Loathe’s: diaper changes, this is just a recent thing as we are starting to transition to whole milk and its making him a little constipated. poor boo!

Words: still just saying mama and dada

Personality: he still isnt a fan of any men but daddy. and hes a serious ladies man SUCH A FLIRT, were in trouble!

Milestones: soooo close to walking.. he walks along furniture, gets up and down off of furniture and does a little bear walk on all fours with his bum in the air (which is SO cute in his little cloth diapers hehe). OH and since 9 months hes been doing stairs by himself with me just standing behind him and well he’s perfected them now, hes so fast chasing kiwi (our pup) up them!

so make sure to again always be following and checking out my instagram which is linked to the side –> for updated pictures of Oakley cause they are usually up daily! mucho love