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July 14′ favorites.

hi all! its that time for another favorites! if you arnt familiar with them, i take a look back at the last month and tell you what ive been loving, its random every month, and includes usually stuff of mine and Oakley’s… here we go!




ONE : Nivea Lip Butter – ah maze balls. i purchased this at shoppers and it was on sale for i think about 2$? awesome price super moisturizing and smells perfectly raspberry. im in love, but everyone know how much i love my nivea!
TWO : Fabuloso – this is the bees knees. now that i have red hair, all my red head (wanna-bees ūüėČ ) will agree how hard it is to keep it looking fresh and not like dead autumn leaves. well this is amazing, i paid 30$ for it and its like a conditioner that’s colored (bright red- they do have many colors though) and you apply it while in the shower replacing the conditioner and BAM insta beautiful red hair. im obsessed, the only down side, it stains everything, so you do need to wear a good pair of gloves and make sure if it gets on you, wipe it off stat.
THREE : kid kraft metro train table – this was oakley’s big gift for his second birthday and although it was pricey, i think 200$ from costco is what i paid, its well worth the money, he plays with it ALL DAY LONG, literally hours, its constructed great, looks great and anything that keeps him entertained is a win in my books.
FOUR : ¬†Aladdin tumbler – love this cup, i bought a pack of three for 19$ at costco (also found at target) they are like double cupped if that makes sense? so they stay so cold for hours and hold a decent amount of beverage. AND oakley loves them too. Any cup that’s not really his cup he loves. so i pretend to pour me a drink and then he takes it and sips on it all day.
FIVE : maybelline rocket mascara – this is a new found love, i got 2 for 8 dollars at shoppers and thought hey lets give her a try, and i love it, i think it gives great volume and length! the only thing i don’t love is how much product comes out but i just take some off from the sides and other then that its awesome, i think it works just as great as my benefit they’re real. which is 30$ so for me 4$ or 30$, yea easy decision.
SIX : nashville “believing” – this is my favorite song of the month easy, i find myself listening to it over and over and over! i obviously got mine from itunes, for like 1.29$ but its just a beautiful song, lyrics are wonderful and nashvillle is just such an amazing show if you havent seen it when the new season starts you should watch it – airs Sept 24
SEVEN : glitter sandals – love these things. i got them when they were on sale for 20$ and seriously they are the best. the first time i wore them they hurt and i was so sad cause they were beauties. but i wore again and never a hurt after that!

hope you all enjoy my monthly favorites and let me know if you try or have tried any of mine ūüôā

Oakley is TWO & perfectly perfect

How Old: TWO years old on July 2 {pure insanity}

Height & Weight: 37 1/2 (95%) & 27.5 lbs (40%)

Teeth: he now has all his baby teeth, except his two year molars

Sleeping: great! 1-330 nap and 8pm-8am, hasnt awoke an night in months! WHOOP

Drinking:¬†2 % – he was on whole milk however he was SO constipated, even¬†after introducing a high fibre diet and¬†restoralax¬†(sp?)¬†that after a couple months we switched to 2% and he hasn’t had not one hard poop since then

Eating: everything, he has days he doesn’t love food and other days he eats as much as me.. he does eat white meats but doesn’t really like red meats!

Diaper Size:¬†happy to announce hes¬†not in diapers!! FULLY POTTY TRAINED BABY. has been for about 3 weeks now, started around his 2nd birthday and he took it like a champ. very minimal accidents like 3 the first day and 1 since then, i’m so proud of him.

Clothing Size: 2T in basically everything, theres a couple pairs of shorts with adjustable waist pants i had to pull out in 24 months cause since we lost the diaper and his booty is so skinny he needs the smaller waist again lol.

Love’s: still his big cousins, and really loves outside, everyday he wakes up and says out mama knees (please) its supa cute.

Loathe’s: well he used to love bath time but its hit and miss lately.. he still takes one every night as part of our routine, however sometimes he just plays in it for 30 minutes other times 30 seconds after he has been washed body hair and teeth.

Words: although he does talk alot¬†more then¬†my last update, it’s not¬†enough ūüôĀ recommended¬†amount¬†is about 50 words at his age and although¬†i’ve¬†never sat down and counted i¬†dont¬†think hes¬†really there yet, he has been working with a speech pathologist/therapist/ and will be starting play and say group classes with other kids his age that are behind in speech. he will also be getting tested in march( or earlier ) to see if he qualifies¬†to go to a funded speech pre-pre k. some words he does say are things like mama out, again, more, please (knees), hi, bye, up, down, oh no ( i’m¬†sure atleast¬†20 more) and says some spanish words weve¬†been working on like besos¬†(kisses), hola¬†(hi), rojo¬†(red), adios¬† (bye) and more…

Personality: Oakley is so loving, caring, sweet, and fun! he loves to have a good time and make others laugh by laughing at himself

Milestones:¬†besides potty training, he knows all of his body parts even harder ones like armpit and nostrils, which is cute i¬†say where’s¬†your nostrils¬†oak, and he puts both fingers in his nose holes. he’s a gem

incase you missed my last post here’s a couple updated pics of oak from our family shoot june 22. 2014 just two weeks before he turned two.











LONG TIME NO TALK! & family photos!

wow, i’m¬†so lame! i¬†cant believe its been a year or so since i¬†last posted. i¬†feel like i¬†have no excuse other than life just takes you by! Oakley is now TWO YEARS OLD, say WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT?! not possible. i¬†just was pregnant like yesterday.. well that’s¬†what it feels like anyways. i¬†will do a separate update for him since hes¬†changed so much in the last year. hes¬†just such a little man, seriously¬†i’m so blessed.

Anyways, i¬†wanted to update¬†you all¬†with some adorbs¬†family photos. i¬†asked¬†the photographer that did my boudoir photos (for my hubby for a wedding gift) and she did our engagement¬†photos to recommend¬†a family photographer in my area as Jennifer moved to Vancouver, and well, she recommended¬†a lady Carla, who seriously is UNREAL. she spend like 2 hours with us and just captured Oakley¬†so well, all his little looks and gestures. hes¬†such a ham. Carla was like 33 or so weeks pregnant when she shot the shoot end of june and she rocked it. i’m¬†so happy i listened to jennifer and chose carla¬†for photos. i¬†got 88 photos back from her and i¬†cant choose cause i¬†seriously am obsessed with every single one of that, that’s¬†not an a joke either!!! here’s¬†a couple in the mean while¬†till i¬†do Oakley TWO year update.

 Oakley + mama oakley 09 oakley 13oakley 12 oakley 09oakley 47oakley 49oakley 52oakley 56oakley 59


seriously though i¬†want to give another shout out to Carla, she is amazingly talented and i¬†just couldn’t have asked for better pictures capturing¬†my little family. i¬†feel so blessed to have these memories i can look at forever. chat soon!