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just fab mommy haul

i cant remember the last time that i bought myself shoes or a purse. about a year or two ago i signed up for justfab and i’ve really been loving it. i say i haven’t bought myself anything in the last X amount of months but i kinda have? it automatically charges my card and i usually don’t skip a month so as it sits i had 7 credits to use so at least 7 months of charges….. which i don’t mind cause now at times like this when i’m shopping away online i dont spend a penny {that i really notice} and i get so much great stuff. have you noticed how much i love to shop???? i decided to step it up since i’m pretty well always using my diaper bag  as a purse which i love don’t get me wrong, however its not cute when i’m on my way to work or on date night. so i bought stuff that i DONT have, usually i go for flats or wedges and purses… what purse?? ive been carrying a wallet around and that’s it. so here’s my little haul of all the new pretties i got!


ONE  alysee, shes a beauty. its like no shoe i’ve ever seen before. i think it’s so trendy and chic and is really versatile, can go with a dress, skinny jeans or dress pants
TWO ardin, i love these edgy flats, they are a synthetic snake-skin fabric and I’m in love, i plan to pair this with leggings and a plaid button up, which is SUPER trendy this year
THREE calliesa, love. i don’t own any strappy heels so again i thought i would venture out and try a pair, cant wait to put on some skinnies and put these bad as heels on
FOUR east end, i dont have not one black and gold purse and i thought it would be a perf match made in heaven with alysee
FIVE i wanted a fun pop of color relaxed back but still fancier, since when i’m dressed up i’m pretty well always in black cause i’m boring like that then this pop of hotty berry color would be amazing

till next time loves.

old navy toddler haul

ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYy {when the postal lady drops off my packages} YAY. i love getting my stuff in the mail its like christmas all over again. Even if it’s not stuff for me. LOVE shopping for Oakley. & i always find the CUTEST stuff for him at old navy. i love that they have amazing prices and then they always have sales. so i got 30% off of pretty well ALL items, so i got some shirts for like 4$. YAHOO. i cant pass up a good deal. i got all of this plus some of the same items in larger sizes for next year. i’m all about comfort for Oakley, occasionally he dresses up which means jeans and a nice shirt but mostly its just lounge pants and a tee.


ONE self explanatory. so cute, dad taught me everything, well, all the bad things
TWO well Oakley is basically a super hero by day, and night… well 24/7 so i thought it was cute, he loves to jump off of stuff and run around crazy, again just another cute shirt for him to wear with basically any casual pant
THREE L O V E. perfect autumn/winter sweater to be dressed up with some jeans
FOUR fitting for us! ty is in construction so its cute to see Oak wear a shirt like this
FIVE i actually got these in a “calla lily” color but they are OOS, so here’s the black ones, again just another pair for our upcoming winter holiday
SIX these are my most favorite pants ever. I’ve been buying them since oak was 1, they fit SO good, they can roll up for a warmer day, or down for a cooler day. they are lined and IMO perfection. so i buy these in every size and always get a few colors, we’ve had 6 pairs already and will continue to buy more if they have them as he grows older
SEVEN just another cute laid bad long sleeve for the winter months, and pretty cute for my wild two-year old
EIGHT exact same short as number six, just in another color
NINE swim trucks for our winter holiday. Oak used to wear these but now that he is potty trained he doesn’t like them as they absorb some water and are a little heavy so these shorts are perfect cause they are just net lined.

till next time loves.

perfect beach waves hair tutorial

let me preface this by saying by no means am i a professional hairstylist or anything, i do LOVE to do hair on myself and other and i love to play with all different styles. ive tried so many things and done my hair so many times and with trial and error ive found the best way to get beachy waves. my hair is i would say average thickness and i have an average amount. i think second day hair is best for any hair style but thats me. typically i wash my hair every three days, first day i wear it straight or have voluminous curls second day i do a boho wave and third day is like a top knot or even a looser wave from previous days. go ahead and read the what youll need, how to steps, and watch the little video! {keep in mind i’ve never made a video so its not the greatest nor is my editing skill, but i did it for the love of HAIR} ENJOY

heres the look we will be achieving

ONE heat protectant
TWO hair spray
THREE optional texturizing sea salt spray
FOUR hot tools (i use a straightener, however may do two tutorials one with a curling iron one with a straightener so you can see the difference)
FIVE optional texture powder
SIX wide tooth comb (or your fingers work just fine!)

ive linked all my favorite products for this tutorial however you can use whichever products you feel work for you or ones you already have at home on hand. i typically never have my heat on my iron highter than about 75% of the maximum heat, so my iron turns on and upto 420 degrees, so i keep my temp set around 300, this also give you a more relaxed look rather then a tight curl. HOWEVER if you have alot of hair or super coarse thick hair you may need to turn your temp up. if you are doing this on first day hair i would reccommed a quick spray of hairspray just to texture up your hair so its more dirty than clean. So here we go!

ONE brush your hair free of any tangles
TWO spray heat protectant all over your hair and brush it out to evenly distribute it
THREE part your hair however you feel comfortable, i think a beach wave looks more beachy with a middle part so that’s usually how i’ll wear mine
FOUR take a random piece of hair and about half way down the shaft of hair clamp, turn the straightener once around {to the back of your head} and pull down while clamping closed, i do the clamp turn and pull quickly because i don’t want it to really heat up my hair to give it a curl, i just want it to give it a wave, i always curl away from my face but have fun with it and you can change it up with each piece forward and backward, however i recommend curling the pieces around and away from your face! especially your bangs!
FIVE continue to grab random 1/2 inch to 1 inch pieces of hair, i do it different, a lot of people section off their hair but i like it to look un-done so i take a piece from the top then the bottom then the middle then the top etc i usually start on the right side of my head at the crown(side) and just go with it.
SIX working from to other side to back of head repeat steps four and five till your whole head is completely waved {thanks to my camera this is where my video cut off however, the rest is very self explanitory}
SEVEN spray a really light mist of hair spray throughout the hair and wait for it to dry or optionally you can spray the texturizing sea salt spray to give more beach texture
EIGHT brush out your hair with your wide tooth comb to relax some of the waves 
NINE optional take your texturizing powder and sprinkle it in your hands, take that and run your hands through your hair fluffing it up till it looks the way you want, this makes your hair more textured and again giving it more of a beachy wave.
TEN enjoy your sexy new hair. tweak it to how you like it, if you need more hairspray add it or fix a wave, re-curl it, etc and if you do try out my tutorial tag me on instagram  and use the hashtag #allthingsrothehair

video tutorial here 


till next time loves.

DIY Canvas Art for toddlers

well we have  had such a fun weeks doing all types of little DIY projects, but i wanted to show you all something super fun, super easy and art to hang somewhere in your house, which these will hang in Oakley`s room, have yet to hang them, but they will be this week : )

ONE painters masking tape
TWO any size canvas` that you like
THREE acrylic paint (or any kid safe paint) in an arrange of colors
FOUR optional painting smock
FIVE picture hanger
SIX newspaper or an old painting sheet or towel (acrylic paint is water soluble so if it does get on somthing it is easy to wipe up)
SEVEN optional clear sealer spray (as i said prior acrylic paint is water soluble so if you think the spot you are going to hang them might be humid or get wet somehow you can spray the canvas to seal the paint on)
EIGHT optional paint brushes

i went to michaels with their usual weekly coupon and got 40% off my purchase, luckily i only had to buy the hangers and the canvas’s themselves so i spent around 10$ only. if you already know of the specific place you want to put these canvas’s you can have specific colors out for your child that will be fitting for the space to make it home made but chic it up a bit!

STEP ONE tape the edges of the canvas off, this is so the paint strictly stays on top of the canvas and doesn’t go around the edges, however if that doesn’t matter to you then no need to tape off
STEP TWO lay out your newspaper on hard surface, i just used my floor
THREE put one of the canvas`on top of the newspaper and take off all the lids from the paint containers (i have done this craft a few times, have used the paints i linked above and also these (which also come in an array of colors) paints both work great, if you use the bottles of paint its easiest to squirt a couple colors on paper plates to use)
THREE set toddler down and let them go at it! i chose to let my son finger paint, in between each colour i just wiped off his fingers before dipping into the next color
FOUR set out and let dry for a day or two
FIVE 24 hours later, pull off the painters tape you wrapped around the edging and spray the optional sealer on the canvas where your toddler painted(just a light coat is good) let dry for another 24 hours
SIX attach your hanger to the canvas, and hang on the wall and voila! personalized FANCIER THAN PAPER art work!

sorry for the poor quality photos they are with my iphone.

my little picasso, he did awesome!
ill be hanging them one ontop of the other in his room when i hang them i will be sure to add a updated picture of them!

till next time loves.

BABY number TWO

now that Oakley is two i hear it all the time, whens the next one coming? so have you decided on another? are you pregnant yet? are you trying? and to be honest before i had kids i used to ask the same question to other women, not thinking anything of it, but now i find it pretty rude, maybe that’s the a-hole in me ha! i dont think people realize when they say comments like this it could hurt someones feelings or even say these things not thinking just maybe they don’t know the whole story, maybe someones having infertility issues this time around, or maybe miscarriage? or maybe juuuuuuuuuuuust maybe they don’t want to have another baby now or {just yet anyways} and thats where i fall into place. i’m SOOOOOOOO happy with just Oakley right now, he’s at the age where hes just easy. well NOT easy but he gets stuff, when i say eat he does and i don’t need to feed him, he pees/poops on the potty like a big boy, he gets dressed pretty well on his own, and well all around hes just an easy kid. he wakes we play and read and go plavces and eat and then we have lunch and then we do that all over again and then its nap. and again all over again and we eat and yet again you can get play read etc bath bed. we have such a routine and its easy. its just easy. any maybe that’s selfish of me but one works and thats’ that : ) maybe in a couple years we will want another baby because we miss that baby stage but i truly think right now and probably forever one is good for us. i also hear so many things like

‘that’s so mean only having one child’
‘your child will grow up so spoiled’
‘your so selfish’
‘that’s child abuse’
‘only child kids are so sad’
‘if you don’t have another he will be so lonely’

its amazing what people will spew out of their mouths without thinking about it. Just because somthing is right for someone else’s family does not mean its right for mine. We have one kid cause like i said its nice and easy and its our lifestyle too. we like to go places, see things, have things, do things, and i want Oakley to have things, see things, go places and do things, AND i want to be able to give him all that and more {and not the he gets what he wants spoiled little brat stuff but stuff like university tuition}. He deserves it. & if we have more kids we might not be able to do just all that. They cost a pretty penny! Luckily i get so stay home with Oakley and so we basically live on my husbands salary and i’m thankful every single day for this, but again because of this too affording one child later on in life also makes sense for us. Aside from the money and all the other little things, Tyler and I have for the longest time felt one is right for us, we feels so happy and complete and i think that’s the most important part for us, to feel complete. as for peoples comments i just agree to disagree and i don’t give it much thought, people say the darndess  things, and as long as i’m happy with my decisions that’s all that matters to me.

till next time loves.

mama and baby mini haul

so gap had a 40% off email that came around on friday, best part – no exclusions. YA baby. so i did a little bit of shopping for Oakley and I now that fall is coming… he needed a couple  warmer things and i needed a couple things as i just went through my closet and got rid of a ton of stuff that i havent wore in a while….. and again 40% off is a steal, i want to buy more MOOOOOOOOREEE!



ONE  baseball split-neck tee, i love this fit. it is casual and perfect for my everyday going out. i love the curve at the bottom of the shirt so its longer in the middle and shorter on the sides
TWO {< similar here}s kinny jeggings, these feel like butter on my booty. i couldn’t find the exact ones i bought on line, but they do have them in store and sized like  S, M, L. they are awesome fit so nice and look like jeans but feel like leggings. BOMB
THREE leopard shoes. so cute! and they were way more affordable then the steve madden ones i wanted!
FOUR shirt tail tee, the picture doesnt do this shirt any justice, fits awesome and again has the curve on the bottom. i actually got this in coral and white
FIVE pocket tee. again a cute little essential for a little boys wardrobe
SIX wool baseball hat. Oakley needed another one for holidays so i got him this simple little hat that can be paired with anything
SEVEN rashguard, again somthing we needed for our holiday this winter so i got it for him while they still have them
EIGHT baseball hoodie which clearly yall can tell im loving the baseball themed stuff. i love it ! and its warm but not sweaty hot, perfect for a fall morning + evening or winter day!
NINE skinny jeans are so cute on Oakley’s little booty, and i rarely ever put him in them but i had to buy him another pair cause he only has one that fits, they are just so cute.

let me know in the comments if you like to see our little hauls. cause i do have fun buying them : )

till next time loves.

BLOG got a facelift!

& i love it. seriously though. LOVE it. i’m still working out a few kinks, migrating everything all together but so far so good, shes a beauty. i am forever greatful for Kathy at Nudge Media Design she has been my savior. Apparently i was just fooling dreaming when i thought i just had to get a template and pop in in somewhere, oh no, not so simple, but she has done all this hardword for me installing stuff and doing everything step by step to help me with what i could help her with. shes super awesome super fast at responding and has been so kind and patient with me, i thought i was techie, yea no. if your looking for templates for YOUR blog check her out, shes bomb. Kathy it has been a pleasure to work with you and i am pretty stinkin’ positive i will return if the blog needs a facelife again.

till next time.


25 random facts about me!

Middle name?: Mary-Jo
Favorite subject at school?: Math and Biology
Favorite drink?: cold bev’s i love iced coffee and iced tea, hot bev’s i love hot chocolate
Favorite song at the moment?: believing – from the Nashville soundtrack
Favorite food?: i love pastas and Ukrainian foods
What is the last thing you bought?: a couple tees from GAP
What career would you love to have?: as long as i could remember ive wanted to be a hair stylist
Favorite Color?: right now, Coral
Any pets?: not right now, we just had to put our dog kiwi down 2 weeks ago 🙁
Favorite Perfume?: Turquatic from MAC
Favorite Holiday?: canada day! its the day before my sons birthday and i love celebrating the country we live in!
Are you married?: YES!
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: yes, atleast 30
Do you speak any other language?: no, i know words here and there of French and Spanish but i’m defiantly not fluent
How many siblings do you have?: 2 older sister 2 younger brothers and 3 step siblings
What is your favorite shop?: i don’t know if i have one, ive been finding alot of great finds at target lately and my always go to apricot lane
Favorite restaurant?: olive garden, i’m obsessed with chicken gnocchi soup
When was the last time you cried?: 2 weeks ago when i had to put our dog down
Favorite Blog?: jessica garvins littlebabygarvin
Favorite Movie?: i would say its a tie between Grease ( the original ) and Dirty Dancing
Favorite TV show?: its always been young and restless
PC or Mac?: although i would love a mac i have a PC
What phone do you have?: white iphone4s
How tall are you?: 5′ 1″
Can you cook?: yes, does it always taste good? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉 i try that’s all that matters

till next time.