4moms mamaroo!

When I first started looking at ‘swings’ for my son I looked at all kinds. I knew I wanted one with a small footprint so it wouldn’t take up my whole living room, I also knew that I didn’t want one that ran on batteries. lets face it kids love swings and batteries are expensive. I also knew that I wanted one that was cozy & comfy for my sweet little baby. I asked around to all my mommy friends and I got opinions on various swings from various places and various prices, and i spent my time looking at them online and just not finding the one. After a couple of months, I went into a local store Westcoast Kids and seen the ‘swing’ of all swings. she’s a beauty, a REAL jaw dropper! I’m not one for real babyish things all around my house so this ‘swing’ for me, fell under all the categories for what I was looking for.


Oakley says HIIIII from his MAMAROO!

The 4moms mamaroo is cutting edge! It has 5 unique motions including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye & ocean. As well as built-in nature sounds & MP3 player, to plug-in for example your iPhone. The ‘swing’ also has a seat recline so those brand new babies can pretty well lay flat, and once baby is older it can be positioned more upright. Included is 3 monster toy balls set in a mobile. Black & white for newborns and color on the other side for older babies. No matter your style 4moms has it covered. It comes in 5 unique patterns including blue plush, multi plush, silver plush, green plush, classic black and classic silver.

My son seriously LOVES this swing. For the first couple weeks of his life he even slept in it! I believe it’s partially due to the comfort of the swing & unique movements, but also that this swing doesn’t just go back and forth left or right. The 5 motions mimic the movements of moms and that to them is very comforting. To me the mamaroo is the best investment and worth every penny. Valued at $269.99cad for the plush version & $249.99cad for the classic. You’ll see in my photos the infant insert [reversable to match the monster toys] which retails at $39.99cad.. excuse my photography skills & quality as some photos are from my Iphone. without further ado, meet the mamaroo.




*colour shown in plush blue, w/ infant insert.

*This is my opinion of the 4moms mamaroo. I purchased this item myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this review.*

12 thoughts on “4moms mamaroo!

  1. Jessica G.

    This looks awesome! I purchased a swing for my first daughter and we used maybe twice. So we didn’t even bother getting one for #2. I might just have to look into this one!

  2. minervam830

    Great review! We also LOVE our Mamaroo. I love how futuristic it looks and people always ask, “what is that?!?!” when they come visit. You have quite a cuttie on your hands!

    1. Nicole

      Hehe – when ppl come over to our house they always say “whoa – what is that space ship Looking thing” after we show them what it does they always say “now why don’t they make that for adults” lol. & why thank you, he’s my pride and joy 🙂 hehe

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