BLOG got a facelift!

& i love it. seriously though. LOVE it. i’m still working out a few kinks, migrating everything all together but so far so good, shes a beauty. i am forever greatful for Kathy at Nudge Media Design she has been my savior. Apparently i was just fooling dreaming when i thought i just had to get a template and pop in in somewhere, oh no, not so simple, but she has done all this hardword for me installing stuff and doing everything step by step to help me with what i could help her with. shes super awesome super fast at responding and has been so kind and patient with me, i thought i was techie, yea no. if your looking for templates for YOUR blog check her out, shes bomb. Kathy it has been a pleasure to work with you and i am pretty stinkin’ positive i will return if the blog needs a facelife again.

till next time.


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