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all about haynes

so lets do a quick run down. He was due on October 3 2016, and born Oct 3rd 2016! That’s right folks! i had TWO due date babies. and that just doesn’t happen! ill spare you the misery i was feeling up to that point, as i was basically told by my OBGYN that i wouldn’t be able to birth a baby over 5 lbs, if i was lucky, and as you may or may not recall i was aiming for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). HOWEVER, i had the most amazing Doula of life. Suzanne, and i had great support system at home, and the Friday before i was due i went into my 40 week OBGYN appt, i was 1.5cm dilated, 75% effaced baby was still high at -2 station i believe, and she did a very intense membrane sweet, so dang hard i remember the exam table shaking. Right after that appy,  I went in for an hour long acupuncture session. Following that appt i was starting to have contractions, for the following two days i was having on again off again prodromal labor. I was supposed to go to my husbands cousins wedding that Saturday night but it was in another city (not too far from ours) but i just wasn’t sure if this was going to turn into the real deal or not. I was texting my SIL on and off again about my contractions. Around 1am they died down and i fell asleep. 430 am they woke me up, with intense back pains with my contractions, i was ecstatic and I decided to time them. They were about 6 min apart for 45 seconds. After a few hours of that, again they died down. Throughout that Sunday morning i was having contractions but i didn’t think too much of it as i had been having them since Friday morning. So i decided to get ready, do my hair and my makeup, which i had not really been doing for the last few weeks and said imma look good today! We got all ready, and left the house to go to my in-laws for our regular Sunday dinner. As we pulled out of the garage i said to my husband, maybe we should grab my hospital bag just incase? he said “nah! ill come back and get it if i need to” We arrived at my In-laws around 230. Shortly after i was standing in the kitchen making banana carrot muffins and GUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(430pm oct.2). my water broke! i  looked up at my mother in law and said my water just broke! she said no it didn’t your not leaking anywhere! i said thats cause i’m trying to hold it in LOL. as if i could do that…. so i yelled to my husband, DONT PANIC BUT MY WATER JUST BROKE. well, as you can imagine he started pacing and freaking out. I shouted up to my sister in law, and she got me a towel, and i boogied over to the bathroom, i pulled down my pants to sit on the toilet and was sad to see i had mecconium in my water. i called my Doula at 436 and said SUZANNE MY WATER JUST BROKE! i told her i had what i was pretty sure was mecconium so she told me to head over to the hospital as i was going for a VBAC the protocol is pretty strict, especially with MEC. I got to the hospital and checked in and told her yes it was confirmed my water broke and she was just in the middle of having a dinner but she was close by and she would be right over…. heres the summary of the next 20 or so hours from notes i got back from my Doula.

October 2 2016
530pm: VBAC protocol, want her NDP, IV, no breaks. Internal lead put in
940pm: Continuous EFM, Stands by bedside and sways.
11pm: hands and knees on bed, Stands leans on bed,
October 3 2016
120am: feels pressure with contractions
1:55am dangle squats & snowplow
3am: sat on the toilet backwards
345am: lay down
450am: 3cm and shaking; wants sitz bath but told no by charge nurse due to internal lead
630am: sit on birthing ball
730am: OBGYN confirmed allowed to go in sitz bath thats why she placed the internal lead.
930am: sits in labor chair — in the zone!!
1050am: sits on toilet.
11am: 5cm
1250pm: 8cm
130pm: lip on cervix, hands and knees
240pm: fully dilated! lip was pushed back by Rachel RN, starts pushing with Marci and Rachel
419pm: BABY BOY! 8lbs 10oz 21inches; natural vaginal delivery.

So, there it is, i had a VBAC, 100% natural, birth my sweetest little Haynes. i most defiantly could not do it without my Doula. And this one amazing nurse Marci. I had some unpleasant experiences like one nurse telling me i was going to end it a repeat c section so i should just take all my jewelry out now.  Ya, i told her to leave and not come back, i didn’t need that negativity in my life. ALSO, the charge nurse that refused to call my OBGYN to get the OK to sit in the sitz bath because she said my dr wouldn’t allow it, even though myself and my Doula heard her say it to me and was the reason for the internal lead placed inside of me so i could come off of continuous monitoring while i was in the bath. I didn’t get EVERYTHING i wanted. i had rented a pool but because i was “thick mec” they didn’t allow it, and i didn’t want an IV, i had to have one. i didn’t want to be continuously monitored but had to be. so it was give and take, i got the birth that i wanted and i couldn’t have been anymore thankful. Immediately i got to do skin to skin, i did delayed cord clamping, and he latched on to breastfeed almost immediately. Haynes came out perfect, in a room full of 2OBGYNs, 1 Doula, 3 nurses, my husband, my sister in law, a pediatrician, a respiratory dr in case Haynes were to breath in the MEC. but it didn’t matter, i didn’t see anyone, all i saw was this perfect human, that i created, being born into a room of love, in the most natural way possible. i KNEW my body could do it. and i’m so happy i had the birth i did, Haynes healed me in so many way that i didn’t know i needed healing.


First Family Photo

First Family Photo

all about that bump: week 12

thats right! baby number DOS! can you believe it?

How far along? 12 weeks
How big is the peanut? according to my ovia app,  babe is the size of a bee hummingbird
Total weight gain/loss? down 6 lbs, this pregnancy has got me living by the toilet!
Maternity clothes? mostly, i mean i still fit regular shirts they are just short, pants ha yea no, those suckers are maternity
Sleep? eh, i have some good and some bad nights, i seem to be exhausted, but cant seem to settle and my stomach is SO uneasy i just cant.
Best moment this week? telling the WORLD were pregnant!
Symptoms? vomit, vomit, vomit, and more vomit?
Food cravings? pure leaf lemon iced tea
Food aversions? basically all food, i cant handle food, if i eat it comes back up so really..
Gender? NO clue, with Oakley i FELT boy, this time no signs, dreams, nothing!
Labor signs? NO! those can stay away for a long long long long long time, well when i’m 37-39 weeks those can come but not now
Belly button in or out? in! although its really wonky shaped from my pregnancy with Oaks, its pretty funny looking actually.
What I miss? being able to go in the hot tub, its still cold-ish where i live and i love taking a dip!
What I’m looking forward to? my ultrasound on Tuesday! and looking into a doula & newborn photographer
Milestones? one day this week i didnt puke! WHAT?! lol
Bump? bump or bloat?  not sure but theres a lil somthing there. not sure how big ill be this time around but seems bigger than last time! i do have a completely open diastasis recti so everything seems to be pushing out alot more this time