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Exclusively Pumping: Part Two

Since the day i started pumping, my pump schedule has not changed. I have tried to change it but unfortunately for me it hasnt worked out. Rememeber last post when i said pumping was ALOT OF FREAKING WORK? ya. it is. its crazy. This has what has worked for me, this will not work for everyone. I will say consistency is key. IMHO (in my honest opinion) you cant just “skip a pump” or “delay pumps” you just need to get it done. I have Oaks, almost 5yo and Haynes of course so pumping is not easy keeping them both occupied but i gotta get it done! Just remember that pumping is exactly as nursing a baby. Baby’s dont skip feeding so dont skip your pumps!

My pump schedule goes as follows:

2am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 15-20 min each pump. *I* get usually 2-3 let downs, after my 2nd letdown if i don’t get a 3rd i pump for 5 min after the milk stops flowing. If i DO let down a 3rd time once the milk stops after that time i pump 5 more minutes and then i am done till me next pump.

Since i almost lost my supply in the beginning due to Haynes being unable to nurse, i had to word really hard to bring it back, so here’s some tips, tricks, and things that helped me boost my supply.

  1. make sure you have either seen a IBCLC or properly followed the chart to make sure you have the best fitting flanges possible. THIS will give you the best output of milk in my opinion, as well as dry fresh pump parts! along with #2 listed below
  2. CONSISTENCY! make a schedule, every 2-3 hours and pump your life away girl!
  3. drink water! you dont need to drink 1/2 your body weight like alot of people think, drink to thirst, when your thirsty your body is telling you HEY DRINK WATER SO I CAN MAKE MORE MILKY MILK!
  4. make sure you have a hospital grade double electric, my spectra is life.
  5. have a good balanced diet and eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks if you are hungry inbetween!
  6. at the end of each pump, pump for 5 minutes past your last drop of milk! this triggers your body to make more milk for the next feeding
  7. power pumping! for the first few months i power pumped every night at my 9pm pump. Power pumping is pumping on and off for 1 hours straight. this triggers your body to make more milk by mimicking a baby that would cluster feed. My power pumping went like so pump 20min, break 10min, pump 10min, break 10min. pump 10min.
  8. try and get a good sleep, and that’s totally easier said than done, but if you can get a nap in or have hubby take a night feeding try that!
  9. Avoid Fenugreek. soooooo many people things this helps your supply, when in all reality MANY MORE people have seen their supplies TANK after this!
  10. during you pump session, use a hot compress and massage your tatas to better help the milk get flowing!
  11. IF you need to see your doctor! they can prescribe you something (Domperidone or Raglan) to help raise your prolactin levels. OF COURSE THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!! SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!!
  12. LAST BUT NOT VERY LEAST AT ALL!!!!!! — VERY early on i ordered herbal supplements from LegendairyMilk and this i truly believe has helped me the most out of anything i have tried(besides #1&2), Luna, the shop owner is AH-MAZING! they have all different types of blends to help with things like production of milk, promt better flow of milk, stimulate prolactin, increase mammary tissue, increase milk fat content of your milk, and many more. I PROMISE YOU YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Whats even better? All herbs used are USDA Certified Organic – no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs or peanuts. My PERSONAL FAVORITE is Milkapolooza! So dont walk, RUN, over to her website and take a look, she also has Instagram and Etsy where the reviews speak for themselves! If you are unsure which one you may want to buy if you do decide to give them a try, just contact her on etsy and she can help you find a blend that works for you! (no! this is not a sponsored post! i truly love her product and will continue to buy it until i finish pumping!)

here’s a before and after photo since using legendairymilk, as well as a link to a video to show how the fat content of my milk went from non exsistance to CREAM BABY!!

{ pu·ra vi·da }

YA GIRLS! i’m so excited to be an official rep of Pura Vida Bracelets!. There’s a few reasons besides the obvious ( that being the inventory is so darn cute! ) that i love this company.

ONE every bracelet purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica
TWO the charities! there’s TONs of different charities Pura Vida works with from animal awareness to education and children to cancer awareness, military/service and more,
THREE the charity collection was created to give back to charities all over the world. In 2013 alone Pura Vida donated over 140 000$ to 190+ charities. WOW.

The phrase “Pura Vida” (pu·ra vi·da) means “pure life” in Spanish. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted embodies the Pura Vida Lifestyle. It’s about being free and living life to it’s fullest with no regrets or taking anything for granted; it’s an attitude.

FOUR with every Pura Vida bracelet sold they donate 1% back to The Surfrider Foundation through 1% for the Planet. The Surfrider foundation’s mission is to protect beaches all around the world. WHO wouldn’t want to protect and preserve our beaches? it is OUR earth after all, and we only have one!
FIVE Pura Vida ACTUALLY cares about our environment! just take a look here
SIX after you’ve created an account Pura Vida gives you 10% back on each purchase! (so .10 cents on every 1$ you spend) annnnd i dont’ know about you but i love loyalty programs!

A couple other great things include free standard shipping over 35$ in the united states, and international shipping rates are extremely affordable, 10$ flat, how amazing is that? & can we just talk about the R A I N B O W of colors? legit, i have an obsession with all the bracelets. i have a stacks that match each outfit. choose your colors OR choose your charity. but when you do, use my 10% off coupon code for a nice little discount. NROTHE10 @ checkout & make sure to get your mom, sister, and gf one too, they make perfect little Christmas gifts!

here’s a few of the beauties

till next time loves.

who i follow on insta & why.

i truly think that instagram is my favorite social media outlet. i suck at twitter, i really do. and personally facebook i love to catch up with my friends, but instead of of reading status’ i really love just scrolling through pictures and ‘double tapping’  to love the picture and i just love to see what everyone is up to via pictures! in no particular order  my top 6!….

ONE : APRICOT LANE – obsessed doesn’t seem to be enough. this is a SUPER cute SUPER affordable clothing company with the latest trends. They post daily with new outfit ideas and how they style their own clothes, they have clothes, shoes, accessories, and just everything you can think of, and again super affordable. i really love the clothes they have they are really great quality and really gorgeous. even though its in the states, i still pay the price and ship it to me because its just cute and there’s nothing like it here where i live.

TWO : JESSICA GARVIN  – this girl. her kids are so cute, she is famous on pinterest for her chalkboard art, which is amazing. she did them for her “weekly bumpdates” as well as holiday chalkboards, shes amazing. She is also a fellow blogger… her daughters Harper & Eloise are beautiful, and Jessica herself its gorgeous! shes so inspirational, has the cutest DIY ideas, and she kills it with her breakfast cute-sie ideas. toast into bears, mind blown.

THREE : GIGI – a serious inspiration. i came across Gigi on her  YouTube channel, and i just instantly loved her. her story is amazing, and shes again is, so so so so stunning. shes so real, which i love, and she seems like someone that could be my BFF in regular life. I feel like she is such an inspiration to people and lives life so positively. Shes all about making youself happy and living life to the fullest. if you dont know of Gigi or haven’t watched her YT to see her story i defiantly think you should check her out.

FOUR : MEGAN – my most favorite beauty vlogger around (well tied with my #five)… again i found her on YouTube and ive been watching her for about two or three years. she is one of my favorite instagram posters because her pictures are just so real. Shes taught me via her YT videos so much about makeup and more that i’m forever grateful ( girl doesn’t even know me and i’m all “AHHHHHMEN girl.” she posts pics of her and her BF, sister and other cutesy things. she just seems to have an amazing heart inside and out, and shes young and trendy so i feel like i can trust her LOL

FIVE : JACLYN HILL – this girl has my heart. she is young, beautiful, and has a heart of gold. i yet again found her on YouTube. Besides her beauty, girls got it together. She married her husby like i want say 6 years ago, and i die on how cute they are, seriously seems like day one of falling in love everyday. Shes an amazing MUA, has her own lipstick!!! has teamed up with my love for brushes Sigma Beauty to make her own (limited edition) brush set….has mad style, and she posts adorbs pictures. her dog georgie is soooo cute. i love to follow her because although i cant do really my hair or makeup worth the poops, i pretend like oh hay i can be like jaclyn and … i try ( but doesn’t actually happen ) love her.

SIX : APPLECHEEKS – this is my love for cloth diapers right here. Oakley was exclusive to this brand, always loved the fit, loved the style and loved the cute colors and prints. i’m sad were finished diapering because i love watching their reveals, and who doesn’t love a colorful fluffy butt. i love to follow AC because they post pictures of cute babies in diapers and hello ain’t nothing cuter!!! Not just the product, but the ladies behind it are amazing, when they release a new color or print its like HALLELUJAH and they make a epic video each time. super fun, super cute, super love.

till next time loves.


PeekaBoob Nursing Cover Review & GIVEAWAY!

After my son was born and I knew I was going to breastfeed I really never thought a nursing cover was a necessity. I just thought ‘hey ill just use a blanket tossed over us.’ Well, after flashing a couple people, in a couple different places..  I now knew i needed a nursing cover to breastfeed in public & knew that I wanted to look darn good while doing it. I went out to my favorite baby boutique Westcoast Kids [of course!] and I seen 3 or 4 different companies that made the covers. After looking through all of them comparing prices, quality, fabric choices etc. Peekaboob seemed to be the best overall. PeekaBoob makes some seriously stylish nursing covers! Now that ive been using it for about 2 months, this is one of my favorite baby/mama buys! I love that this cover is comfortable, breathable, soft, and spacious! It’s hard to choose a favorite part of this cover but the highlights for me are the stylish fabrics, the rigid collar to make peaking at your baby easy, and the built-in terry cloth corner for easy clean up after a spit up! What i like about this company is that Not only is it Canadian, but as is the fabrication of the cover which supports local companies, making a stronger Canada.

The Giveaway
One of my lucky readers is going to win this Nursing Cover

PeekaBoob Nursing Cover

Giveaway: Pattern ‘Soo Deco’

This giveaway is open to Canadian & US mailing addresses!
click this link a Rafflecopter giveaway to find out how to enter!

*This is my opinion of the PeekaBoob Nursing Cover. I purchased this item myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this review/giveaway.*

4moms mamaroo!

When I first started looking at ‘swings’ for my son I looked at all kinds. I knew I wanted one with a small footprint so it wouldn’t take up my whole living room, I also knew that I didn’t want one that ran on batteries. lets face it kids love swings and batteries are expensive. I also knew that I wanted one that was cozy & comfy for my sweet little baby. I asked around to all my mommy friends and I got opinions on various swings from various places and various prices, and i spent my time looking at them online and just not finding the one. After a couple of months, I went into a local store Westcoast Kids and seen the ‘swing’ of all swings. she’s a beauty, a REAL jaw dropper! I’m not one for real babyish things all around my house so this ‘swing’ for me, fell under all the categories for what I was looking for.


Oakley says HIIIII from his MAMAROO!

The 4moms mamaroo is cutting edge! It has 5 unique motions including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye & ocean. As well as built-in nature sounds & MP3 player, to plug-in for example your iPhone. The ‘swing’ also has a seat recline so those brand new babies can pretty well lay flat, and once baby is older it can be positioned more upright. Included is 3 monster toy balls set in a mobile. Black & white for newborns and color on the other side for older babies. No matter your style 4moms has it covered. It comes in 5 unique patterns including blue plush, multi plush, silver plush, green plush, classic black and classic silver.

My son seriously LOVES this swing. For the first couple weeks of his life he even slept in it! I believe it’s partially due to the comfort of the swing & unique movements, but also that this swing doesn’t just go back and forth left or right. The 5 motions mimic the movements of moms and that to them is very comforting. To me the mamaroo is the best investment and worth every penny. Valued at $269.99cad for the plush version & $249.99cad for the classic. You’ll see in my photos the infant insert [reversable to match the monster toys] which retails at $39.99cad.. excuse my photography skills & quality as some photos are from my Iphone. without further ado, meet the mamaroo.




*colour shown in plush blue, w/ infant insert.

*This is my opinion of the 4moms mamaroo. I purchased this item myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this review.*