Did you know today is WORLD FOOD DAY?

I didn’t : ) so while I was searching the web this morning, i found out that today [oct 16] is world food day. And let’s be honest I LOVE food. It’s like the highlight of my life! So although this isn’t going to be a long post I thought id just post pictures of some my favorite food. Just for the record, candy and sweets IS food to me ; ) Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re favorite foods are to eat!

1: Oatmeal – – plain .. w/ brown sugar.. mmmm
2: Pierogi-s – – typically cheese w/ succulant sour cream + bacon + onions
3: Roast – – need i say more?
4: Chicken + Gnocci Soup – – mm must go to Olive Garden now
5: Beef Stroganoff – – amazing on every level
6: Watermelon – – it’s so juicy and I just can’t get enough in the summer
7: Apple Crisp – – w/ ice cream of course! best with baba’s apples off the tree!
8: Chicken Parm – – love love, who doesn’t love meat and melted cheese and noodles?
9: Chicken Alfredo – – w/ melted mozza. how juicy-ful
10: Chicken Caesar Wrap – – w/ teriyaki chicken.. easy fast filling amazing
11: Blueberries – – legit like the best fruit ever, SO good for you, and so yuumie
12: Corn – – taber corn only! NO impersonating stuff!
13: Lettuce Wraps – – healthy and amazing
14: Breaded Turkey Breast – – umm its turkey, HELLO!
15: Nacho’s – – w/ sour cream, salsa, + jalapeno’s…best late night snack everrr
16: Cheese Cake – – only plain. melt in my mouth get in my bell-EHH!

4 thoughts on “Did you know today is WORLD FOOD DAY?

  1. Jenna

    Drooling over here…..I have been loving my old comfort foods from when I was a child lately. Beef stroganoff, hearty soups, anything containing noodles and a creamy sauce.


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