DIY Canvas Art for toddlers

well we have  had such a fun weeks doing all types of little DIY projects, but i wanted to show you all something super fun, super easy and art to hang somewhere in your house, which these will hang in Oakley`s room, have yet to hang them, but they will be this week : )

ONE painters masking tape
TWO any size canvas` that you like
THREE acrylic paint (or any kid safe paint) in an arrange of colors
FOUR optional painting smock
FIVE picture hanger
SIX newspaper or an old painting sheet or towel (acrylic paint is water soluble so if it does get on somthing it is easy to wipe up)
SEVEN optional clear sealer spray (as i said prior acrylic paint is water soluble so if you think the spot you are going to hang them might be humid or get wet somehow you can spray the canvas to seal the paint on)
EIGHT optional paint brushes

i went to michaels with their usual weekly coupon and got 40% off my purchase, luckily i only had to buy the hangers and the canvas’s themselves so i spent around 10$ only. if you already know of the specific place you want to put these canvas’s you can have specific colors out for your child that will be fitting for the space to make it home made but chic it up a bit!

STEP ONE tape the edges of the canvas off, this is so the paint strictly stays on top of the canvas and doesn’t go around the edges, however if that doesn’t matter to you then no need to tape off
STEP TWO lay out your newspaper on hard surface, i just used my floor
THREE put one of the canvas`on top of the newspaper and take off all the lids from the paint containers (i have done this craft a few times, have used the paints i linked above and also these (which also come in an array of colors) paints both work great, if you use the bottles of paint its easiest to squirt a couple colors on paper plates to use)
THREE set toddler down and let them go at it! i chose to let my son finger paint, in between each colour i just wiped off his fingers before dipping into the next color
FOUR set out and let dry for a day or two
FIVE 24 hours later, pull off the painters tape you wrapped around the edging and spray the optional sealer on the canvas where your toddler painted(just a light coat is good) let dry for another 24 hours
SIX attach your hanger to the canvas, and hang on the wall and voila! personalized FANCIER THAN PAPER art work!

sorry for the poor quality photos they are with my iphone.

my little picasso, he did awesome!
ill be hanging them one ontop of the other in his room when i hang them i will be sure to add a updated picture of them!

till next time loves.

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