Exclusively Pumping: Part Two

Since the day i started pumping, my pump schedule has not changed. I have tried to change it but unfortunately for me it hasnt worked out. Rememeber last post when i said pumping was ALOT OF FREAKING WORK? ya. it is. its crazy. This has what has worked for me, this will not work for everyone. I will say consistency is key. IMHO (in my honest opinion) you cant just “skip a pump” or “delay pumps” you just need to get it done. I have Oaks, almost 5yo and Haynes of course so pumping is not easy keeping them both occupied but i gotta get it done! Just remember that pumping is exactly as nursing a baby. Baby’s dont skip feeding so dont skip your pumps!

My pump schedule goes as follows:

2am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 15-20 min each pump. *I* get usually 2-3 let downs, after my 2nd letdown if i don’t get a 3rd i pump for 5 min after the milk stops flowing. If i DO let down a 3rd time once the milk stops after that time i pump 5 more minutes and then i am done till me next pump.

Since i almost lost my supply in the beginning due to Haynes being unable to nurse, i had to word really hard to bring it back, so here’s some tips, tricks, and things that helped me boost my supply.

  1. make sure you have either seen a IBCLC or properly followed the chart to make sure you have the best fitting flanges possible. THIS will give you the best output of milk in my opinion, as well as dry fresh pump parts! along with #2 listed below
  2. CONSISTENCY! make a schedule, every 2-3 hours and pump your life away girl!
  3. drink water! you dont need to drink 1/2 your body weight like alot of people think, drink to thirst, when your thirsty your body is telling you HEY DRINK WATER SO I CAN MAKE MORE MILKY MILK!
  4. make sure you have a hospital grade double electric, my spectra is life.
  5. have a good balanced diet and eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks if you are hungry inbetween!
  6. at the end of each pump, pump for 5 minutes past your last drop of milk! this triggers your body to make more milk for the next feeding
  7. power pumping! for the first few months i power pumped every night at my 9pm pump. Power pumping is pumping on and off for 1 hours straight. this triggers your body to make more milk by mimicking a baby that would cluster feed. My power pumping went like so pump 20min, break 10min, pump 10min, break 10min. pump 10min.
  8. try and get a good sleep, and that’s totally easier said than done, but if you can get a nap in or have hubby take a night feeding try that!
  9. Avoid Fenugreek. soooooo many people things this helps your supply, when in all reality MANY MORE people have seen their supplies TANK after this!
  10. during you pump session, use a hot compress and massage your tatas to better help the milk get flowing!
  11. IF you need to see your doctor! they can prescribe you something (Domperidone or Raglan) to help raise your prolactin levels. OF COURSE THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!! SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!!
  12. LAST BUT NOT VERY LEAST AT ALL!!!!!! — VERY early on i ordered herbal supplements from LegendairyMilk and this i truly believe has helped me the most out of anything i have tried(besides #1&2), Luna, the shop owner is AH-MAZING! they have all different types of blends to help with things like production of milk, promt better flow of milk, stimulate prolactin, increase mammary tissue, increase milk fat content of your milk, and many more. I PROMISE YOU YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Whats even better? All herbs used are USDA Certified Organic – no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs or peanuts. My PERSONAL FAVORITE is Milkapolooza! So dont walk, RUN, over to her website and take a look, she also has Instagram and Etsy where the reviews speak for themselves! If you are unsure which one you may want to buy if you do decide to give them a try, just contact her on etsy and she can help you find a blend that works for you! (no! this is not a sponsored post! i truly love her product and will continue to buy it until i finish pumping!)

here’s a before and after photo since using legendairymilk, as well as a link to a video to show how the fat content of my milk went from non exsistance to CREAM BABY!!

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