Halloween Favorites!

Well this is a special post as i usually only do favorites monthly but I thought it would be fun to do ‘favorites’ for holidays! So like usual I’ve compiled a few of my fav fav Halloween items that I just can’t go without when Halloween is around! I hope you all enjoy. and of course, like always, leave me a comment below and let me know what some of YOUR favorite items are for Halloween!

1. S’bux Pumpkin Spice Latte (approx. 4$): I think this is a given! it’s the perfect drink for Halloween time with the pumpkin and the succulent whipped cream, and its nice and hot for my cold Canada weather! melts my heart every time I drink it. mmm
2. Halloween Inspired Babylegs (approx. 13$): Now that Oakley is here, holidays are super fun, and well I don’t think babylegs are just for girls! get a cute boy-ish or unisex pair like this one and pair it with a onesie, SUPERCUTE!
3. My First Halloween Onesie by Carters (approx 8$): Common! Its his FIRST Halloween, I have to be THAT mom and dress Oakley up for a picture to remember this for ever! So super cute, affordable onesie to showcase the big day! I actually purchased this to also go under his Halloween costume as another layer!
4. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle Bath & Body Works (approx 20$): I think any pumpkin spice or pumpkin candle would do the trick I just love walking around the house smelling pumpkin, since we only get this one time a year, I savor every smell of  it I can get!
5. Hocus Pocus (approx. PRICELESS): This is legit hands down my favorite movie! Like when I was growing up every Halloween my baba and papa would take my sister and I to get this movie from the rental store and I just can’t ever get enough of it, like it’s a classic for sure, and I will defiantly be sharing this oldie but goodie with Oakley when he is old enough!
6. Candy Corn (approx 3$ a bag): love candy corn! It’s just a classic Halloween candy AND it’s so colourful AND you can do so many great little DIYs with it! love. love.

*This is my opinion of these items which i’ve purchased myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this

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