DIY Chic Halloween Wreath!

So since halloween is around the corner, and with a 3 1/2 month old baby its hard to find the time to do crafts right now, however I have one here for you that is SO SUPER EASY! and it’s SO chic. The nice thing about this DIY Wreath is is very inexpensive and its very customizable to what you want for ex. if you have a certain theme or colours etc. This could also be a wreath you can make for any holiday just by changing up the colours! so if you like this wreath keep reading on how to create this wreath at home yourself for under 25$. ENJOY :)… let me know in the comments below if you want more DIYs projects & what type you want to see!

Finished Wreath

What You’ll Need

1 Syrofoam Wreath – I purchased this from Michaels – the largest one they had (13$) – I had a coupon for 40% off any one item so this was the item I used it on. so it costed me 7.80+tax
5 yards of tulle – I purchased this from fabric land but you can also purchase it at Michaels – this was 2.30$ a yard so 11.50$+tax
1 glue gun – i’m sure every DIYer has this. but if you dont you can also purchase this from Michaels, so this didn’t cost me anything but when i bought it, it costed about 5$? really cheap!
2 stems of flowers – I purchased this at Michaels as well. Mine had 3 flowers on each so 6 flowers total, 0.99$ each, so it was 2$+tax. However if you really want to halloween it up instead of flowers you can buy like spiders and cob web or anything really!
*optional is a door hanger to hang it, OR if you already have a nail in your door like me, then use this : ) & combine it with another piece of coloured tulle as a “hanger”

What You Need
How To

1: Cut the tulle to any lenght you like, if you like a fuller puffy look go longer, if not and you like it shorter go shorter! mine are cut to approximatly 7inches x 10inches. this is the most time consuming part, it took me about 1 hr to cut all of my tulle.
2: Once all the tulle is cut one by one tie each piece  into a [tight] double knot around the wreath.
3: As you tie each one, push them tight together.
4: Once the wreath is full, fluff up your tulle as desired. i liked mine all facing up and forward [none to the back as that will be against the door and no one will see]
5: Pull off your flowers from the stem and start putting the flowers or decorations on the wreath in a position you like. [i wanted my wreath quite simply however you can glam it up with tons of flowers different colours tyles textures etc]
6: Once you found a place for all your decor, heat up your glue gun and one by one glue them to the tulle on the wreath
7: Voilà! all finished! hang in your house, on your front door, over the fireplace anywhere!..



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    1. Nicole

      LOL christa if it involved sewing you probs wouldn’t find it on this blog, pretty sure last time I sew’d was Mmm home economics in grade 7 : )


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