happy [canadian] thanksgiving

While this year im thankful for all my family and friends, as well as my health and happiness. I’m especially thankful for my husband and son. Today Oakley wanted to give me ‘thanks’ by ‘giving’ me a gift I don’t ever want to receive again. While I was giving him snuggles and kisses, he spit up IN my mouth. I choked. & swallowed my regurgitated breastmilk…….HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I don’t really know… but i looked down at him and he’s laughing like ‘what mama i just wanted to share, you don’t like?’

I was lucky enough to have TWO turkey dinners this year spending quality time with my husband’s family! besides my favorite breaded turkey breast the best part is truly coming together and making memories. My husband’s cousin also had a baby 2 months after Oakley was born and the babies just seemed to lighten everyone’s spirits [even though Oakley cried most of the night.. he’s one shy boy!] leave me a comment below and let me know what you are thankful for & your favorite dish at dinner!

happy thanksgiving all!

10 thoughts on “happy [canadian] thanksgiving

  1. Jessica

    Other people’s baby’s spit-up grosses me out – but for some reason, my own sons spit-up doesn’t faze me – that said – i would prefer that he NOT spit-up into my mouth.

  2. Jenna

    Awe poor mama! Spit up in your mouth sounds terrible! But, it happens to the best of us 😉
    I can’t wait until Thanksgiving here in the US. I’m so thankful for all of my guys! My husbands health issues are seeming to stay in check and I’ve got my two little boys at home with another baby boy on the way!
    Thanksgiving dinner should be great here this year. I love Turkey and all of the delicious desserts everyone always brings to share!

    1. Nicole

      Wow Jenna that’s a lot if boys! Hehe but your right nonetheless to be very thankful for! Congrats in the baby! & happy to hear your hubby is on the upnup!

  3. Jess G.

    OMG, spit up in the mouth? lol I’m thankful for the wonderful little family that my Husband, daughters and I have become. I’ve never felt so blessed! My favorite TG dish is a dessert, Pumpkin Pie! No one can make it like my grandmother!! 🙂


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