Let’s play catch up!

let’s fill you in. Last i left off i was 12 weeks pregnant! HA, feels like a life time ago. We welcomed Haynes Xander to the fam on October 3 2016 on his due date after 24 hours of labour (birth story coming soon) since then we’ve been adjusting to life as a family of 4+a pooch!

Where have you been? having a baby and raising a strong willed almost f i v e year old

Why have you been gone so long? adjusting to life. being a momx2 is no joke, add in exclusively pumping, a baby with allergies, school for the first born, not sleeping at all in the first 6 months of life after baby, yeaaaaa.

Hows the first born? Oaks it great! graduating from prek in 3 weeks and off to kinder he goes. hes becoming such a little man, its so fun to watch him grow.

Hows the 2nd born? so sweet, hes such a happy baby. The first 6 months were a blur. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t want to nurse, he has allergies, he had the worst gas, upset tummy, diaper rash that lasted months, but we’ve finally hit a semi sweet spot ( besides teething because he has almost 6 of those now!)  we’ve got the allergy thing under control and its made a world of difference!

How are YOU feeling post partum? SLUGGISH! i mean, im sure its cause i didn’t sleep, ot even a wink, since he was born. But i dont feel as great about myself pp as i with with oaks, maybe its cause i was younger than, maybe its because its just a 2nd time thing, maybe its a combination of things. I will say i cant wait to wean from the pump, and get ME back. my body, my boobs, my life, ME.

Besides having a baby, whats happened in the last year? Well, not alot has changed. We have renovated our 2nd floor of our house. We got a puppy. Had Haynes, my hubby started a new concrete company! life just been busy, but its been fun!

Plans for the next year? Enjoy life. i want to soak in all the baby snuggles. I want to take a few classes. I want to go on vacation! and i want to see where life takes me!

Furture of the blog? i really hope to start to document more of the kids. i want to be able to look back and remember all of what happened over the years of the kiddos growing up. they truly are the light of my life. i love being able to watch them grow and be able to document it for everyone near and far to see. i hope to post once a week as that is currently an obtainable goal. anything extra and we will be golden!

Oakley & Haynes

photos taken May 31 2017





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