Oakley’s Nursery

When my husband and I found out we were having a boy, I instantly started thinking about little ideas I wanted for the nursery. We went back and forth and there were a ton of inspirations saved on my computer and a few that I had on my pinterest board. I didn’t really know what I wanted for a crib or the colours for the wall etc. It took me a long time to decide and well it took me 4 months to complete because I couldn’t make up my mind.. oops. Although in my defense we moved to a new house when I was 8 months pregnant so I wasnt really able to do the nursery for 20 weeks, i had just purchased all the items and had them stacking up in a room of my old house [I still called it Oakley’s room hehe] After showing my husband what all I wanted to do and he agreed I started purchasing all the big items like the crib, and changer etc. When we moved into our new house I was like in ‘nesting’ mode. We got new carpet for Oakley’s room and finally after a week and that was all done Tyler started painting the walls, putting up for decals, building all the furniture etc all the big stuff that my big bellied self couldn’t do. For those of you who don’t personally know me, don’t know I was a giant beast at the end of my pregnancy, I legit had insane swollen feet, felt like it was hard to move sleep eat anything… all I’ll say is I was measuring 44 weeks pregnant the day I delivered which was my due date..Anyways once my husband put all the big items together I began doing all the little things as well as washing all his clothes, blankets, bedding etc. Below ill make a list of all the items we have for the room and link them if I remember where I got them! Theres still a few more things to do like put up his mobile [now that he’s sleeping in his room] put some art on the wall that I have I just need to frame it and what not and I need to get some blackout blinds and im thinking orange curtains. Keeping in mind this is probably not a typical nursery as we wanted Oakley to grow into his room and not out of it. This is Oakley’s nursery debut 🙂

Paint Colour is JAVA purchased at lowes
Crib (540$) Purchased online at lussobaby.ca
Crib Mattress (160$) Came as a special with our crib
Changer (130$) Purchased from Ikea, its actually a bookself turned on the side
Rocker (180$) Purchased from Ikea.  Colours are Robust dark brown leather + black brown frame
Footstool (120$) Purchased from Ikea. Colours are Robust dark brown leather + black brown frame
Wall Decals (80$) Purchased off etsy. Easy to install, & you can choose any colours you like 🙂
Crib Blanket (55$) Purchased off etsy. Chevron pattern white and orange on one side, minky dimple white on other side
Fitted Crib Sheet (35$) Purchased off etsy. White minky dimple fabric
Change Pad Cover (2/40$) Purchased off etsy. I Purchased Blue and Orange minky dimple
Crib Dream Soother (70$) This was a gift i registered for, can be purchased at Babies R Us
Mobile (26$) Purchased from wee gallery
Mobile Attachments (13$) Purchased from wee gallery
Fabric Drawers (2/10$) I got 4 of each blue and orange for Target
Closet Shelf (70$) Purchased from Ikea, again its just a bookshelf we attached rods to.
Table Lamp (15$) Purchased from Ikea
Sterlite Organizer (20$) Purchased from Walmart ( the link is to the new model, i couldn’t find the exact one I have )
Sound Machine  (50$) Purchased from babies r us
Video Monitor (300$) Was a gift but can be purchased from babies R us
Mirror (25$) I made this myself, bought a cheap mirror from homesense and spray painted it which i purchased from Home Depot as well as mirrored glass and mirror glue
Oilers Painting (priceless : )) my dad painted this for Oakley’s room, just like he painted a picture for my room when i was young

4 thoughts on “Oakley’s Nursery

    1. Nicole

      Thanks! We love it – when I 100% complete it I’ll do another quick update post! I think it’s fun an not to baby-ish; I wanted a nursery Oakley would grow into not out of ! : )


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