Ola Movember

Well Movember is here! Although I personally don’t know anyone affected by Prostate Cancer, Canter effects someone each and every day. Movember is not just about that though. Movember is about men’s health awareness and mental health initiatives too. Typically ‘mo’vember first men from Canada and all around the world register their face online clean-shaven, and throughout the month grow their moustache in support. To show my support I have went ahead and made a moustache button that I encourage each of you to copy&paste on YOUR blog to show your support for this great cause. To find out more information about Movember, please go to Movember Canada to read all about it, and if you choose to donate you can do that there too! I’m a huge supporter for a healthier happier you, and think that this is just a great way to show just that. So if you’re a Man grow that moustache!, if you’re a woman grab that button on the side bar and show your support!

*This is my opinion of ‘mo’vember. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this

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