perfect beach waves hair tutorial

let me preface this by saying by no means am i a professional hairstylist or anything, i do LOVE to do hair on myself and other and i love to play with all different styles. ive tried so many things and done my hair so many times and with trial and error ive found the best way to get beachy waves. my hair is i would say average thickness and i have an average amount. i think second day hair is best for any hair style but thats me. typically i wash my hair every three days, first day i wear it straight or have voluminous curls second day i do a boho wave and third day is like a top knot or even a looser wave from previous days. go ahead and read the what youll need, how to steps, and watch the little video! {keep in mind i’ve never made a video so its not the greatest nor is my editing skill, but i did it for the love of HAIR} ENJOY

heres the look we will be achieving

ONE heat protectant
TWO hair spray
THREE optional texturizing sea salt spray
FOUR hot tools (i use a straightener, however may do two tutorials one with a curling iron one with a straightener so you can see the difference)
FIVE optional texture powder
SIX wide tooth comb (or your fingers work just fine!)

ive linked all my favorite products for this tutorial however you can use whichever products you feel work for you or ones you already have at home on hand. i typically never have my heat on my iron highter than about 75% of the maximum heat, so my iron turns on and upto 420 degrees, so i keep my temp set around 300, this also give you a more relaxed look rather then a tight curl. HOWEVER if you have alot of hair or super coarse thick hair you may need to turn your temp up. if you are doing this on first day hair i would reccommed a quick spray of hairspray just to texture up your hair so its more dirty than clean. So here we go!

ONE brush your hair free of any tangles
TWO spray heat protectant all over your hair and brush it out to evenly distribute it
THREE part your hair however you feel comfortable, i think a beach wave looks more beachy with a middle part so that’s usually how i’ll wear mine
FOUR take a random piece of hair and about half way down the shaft of hair clamp, turn the straightener once around {to the back of your head} and pull down while clamping closed, i do the clamp turn and pull quickly because i don’t want it to really heat up my hair to give it a curl, i just want it to give it a wave, i always curl away from my face but have fun with it and you can change it up with each piece forward and backward, however i recommend curling the pieces around and away from your face! especially your bangs!
FIVE continue to grab random 1/2 inch to 1 inch pieces of hair, i do it different, a lot of people section off their hair but i like it to look un-done so i take a piece from the top then the bottom then the middle then the top etc i usually start on the right side of my head at the crown(side) and just go with it.
SIX working from to other side to back of head repeat steps four and five till your whole head is completely waved {thanks to my camera this is where my video cut off however, the rest is very self explanitory}
SEVEN spray a really light mist of hair spray throughout the hair and wait for it to dry or optionally you can spray the texturizing sea salt spray to give more beach texture
EIGHT brush out your hair with your wide tooth comb to relax some of the waves 
NINE optional take your texturizing powder and sprinkle it in your hands, take that and run your hands through your hair fluffing it up till it looks the way you want, this makes your hair more textured and again giving it more of a beachy wave.
TEN enjoy your sexy new hair. tweak it to how you like it, if you need more hairspray add it or fix a wave, re-curl it, etc and if you do try out my tutorial tag me on instagram  and use the hashtag #allthingsrothehair

video tutorial here 


till next time loves.

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