say WHAT?! Oakley is THREE months old!

Seriously? i have a THREE month old? i remember when i would read blogs when i was pregnant about women having two, three, four month olds and thinking wow that seems so far away! & yet here you are three months old.

Three month months old and you have changed so much. I took you to get weighed+measured on your three-month birthday and you weighed 13lbs 2oz & 24 1/4 long! WOW you grew 5lbs & 5 1/4 in since birth! In the last month you’ve learned to [almost] completely roll over by yourself back to front! you LOVE to bounce standing up, and you only love your daddy, no other male can hold you. but that’s ok, you cant help but love your daddy and neither can I. You have officially found your hands and would rather put them in your mouth then your soother. Actually you’ll suck and bite on anything and everything pretty much! You also love your activity mat and you stay there for a couple of hours a day just swinging back and forth your arms, your pretty cute doing it too I must admit. You are getting good at fighting your afternoon nap…but you love to fall asleep in your car seat — now if only we could get you to fall asleep in your crib during the day for long periods of time, like you do at night in your crib!! [which BTW you sleep AMAZING! 930-430 & 5-9, mama loves you for this] We’ve just recently tried out the jolly jumper and it was a hit, I cant wait till your so strong you can bounce like crazy in there! you do so many things I cant even think of them all, ill just say that your little smile and giggles and sweet face just melt my heart everytime & I just cant get enough of you, mama loves you SO much i’m just so excited to watch to grow into the little man you are becoming each and everyday. xox

and for some pictures : )
[just so everyone knows; i’m THAT mom that takes like 34580948304976 flicktures a day !]

7 thoughts on “say WHAT?! Oakley is THREE months old!

  1. Jess G.

    He is a cutie! Time does fly by way too fast! I had a thought the other day, that I would have a 6 month old at Christmas! 6 months!!! She was just born yesterday right?? lol

  2. Mom

    He is so adorable. My babies are all grown up and married and I truly wish I would have had a blog for my babies but there was no such thing at the time. Such a wonderful idea.


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