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October Favorites

i cant even believe November is here. i’m headed out on vacation soon {whoops i was supposed to post this before vacation and i didnt…} and i just wantedd to get out one last post before i head off!! im so excited. sun. sand. sea. ahh life will be so lovely. this is a family trip! were excited to share our 5 year wedding anniversary with the people we love most!

back to the post. all of these things are things ive been using for the last few months and have been the things i keep using over and over. obsessed? yea. =D enough of this on to my favorites

October 2015 Favorites!

October 2015 Favorites!

ONE first aid beauty’s cleanser, toning pads, and face cream. These products were a game changer for my face. i was in a serious rut with my skin routine, for the longest time i was using Clinique, which used to work well for me.  but the older i get it seems the dryer i get. my skin was SO bad dry, i wanted to cry. i headed over to Sephora, thinking all i needed was to get a foundation for dry skin and an associate (parm) went through several questions with me and we found out it was just the harsh of the Clinique! so i got a “travel” type pack as a test to see if i liked it, and it changed my skin. Within 3 days i noticed a crazy change in my dry skin which i had been battling for months. i’m about 6 months into this new skin routine, and although i have one other eye cream i use (a later post) my skin has never been so clear and so healthy in my life! the travel packs are 40$ i think!
TWO my shade + light contour palette is my new life. its a perfect all in one, the perfect skin toned, and banana powder, and the perfect bronzer colour. my life is complete and its a perfect palette to travel with as its an all in one! 55$
THREE squeak!! this colour though! So i was walking through the mall and decided i wanted to get a few new teas, and i walked into David’s Tea and YES there she was. The perfect travel mug. it has a  built in infuser that you can pop your tea in and screw on the bottom of your lid, or you can take it off and drink coffee out of it. This cup is life. The first time i used it i made a tea at 745 am to take to the children’s hospital to take Oakley for his foot appointment. Well i took it in with me and it was too hot to drink. Our appt ended at 12? 1? i went to the mall, walked around and finally got home at 330 when i opened my mug and it was still steaming HOT. AMAZING!!!!! 30$
FOUR the best brush ever! it detangles, is gentle and works amazing on my wet hair without breaking it! especially since recently i went from red to blonde! im being super gentle and it is just the BEST brush! i got mine at cosmo prof  but ive seen them at all large stores like walmart and target and superstore! 15$
FIVE on the days i drink coffee this is IT!!!! its a medium  blend and is hazelnut! My absolute fav! i used to drink like Tim Hortons coffee etc but NO!! and no to the starbucks! just get this!! i think the bag i buy is 13$ and lasts like a month!
SIX these seem to be my go to boots this fall so far. Ive noticed i pop them on for work dressy days and casual days to just dress up my outfit a tad! they are SO comfortable and these booties are in crazy style! 40$
SEVEN i just picked this up a superstore and usually i’m all eh on toothpastes as i feel like i cant ever find an amazing one, and although i wish this one foamed up a  bit more, it makes my teeth feel SO clean, SUCH fresh breath, and its so long lasting! 3$
EIGHT ouch, at 65ish$, its up there, but its amazing, its perfect, hydrating, buildable, and is very long lasting, i picked mine up at sephora, and my 1 bottle which is a generous size, has lasted me 3+ months and i still have more in my bottle! SCORE BABY!


better late than never! AUGUST FAVORITES!

sorry guys! a little late with this one. 🙂 heres my favs for the month of August and i just cant.freaking.believe.its.september. IS THIS REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW? its like basically christmas lol.


ONE oakley has been obsessed with this little set, specifically the cup with the lid, it has a little clip you pull open and closed and has the perf little hole so not so much beverage comes out at once, oak is a cronic spiller and this has done every well in our house this month!
TWO song of the month has been i love only you by nitty gritty dirt band, lord knows its old, but its just sooooo good, and everyone who knows me KNOWS i love me some country.
THREE nyx butter gloss in apple strudlelhas been my fav this month i’ve been wearing it like, everyday. i love basically all of the colours in the butter gloss but i’m really loving apple strudel, ive gone through a couple of tubes of this in the last couple months and ill be repurchasing more and more and more
FOUR SQUEAL! my new glasses! girl can see again, these are the frames i got and i love them, they are different, i never thought i would be getting a coloured frame but i did and i get compliments all the time, my husband says i look like a nerd, in a sexy good way! i got them at FYI doctors!
FIVE these are one of my JUSTFAB shoes that i recently hauled, which you can read about here, these shoes are the bomb. seriously thought, they are SO comfortable and it is crazy that i think i’m going to order another pair in fear of these ones ever get old and fall apart??
SIX greet tea lemonade {starbucks} baby! we had some super hot days in august and ive been loving this drink… of course next month youll see what my fav HOT drink is, since its been FREAKIN SNOWING WHERE I LIVE @#$P(&!@(&P!!!


till next time loves.

25 random facts about me!

Middle name?: Mary-Jo
Favorite subject at school?: Math and Biology
Favorite drink?: cold bev’s i love iced coffee and iced tea, hot bev’s i love hot chocolate
Favorite song at the moment?: believing – from the Nashville soundtrack
Favorite food?: i love pastas and Ukrainian foods
What is the last thing you bought?: a couple tees from GAP
What career would you love to have?: as long as i could remember ive wanted to be a hair stylist
Favorite Color?: right now, Coral
Any pets?: not right now, we just had to put our dog kiwi down 2 weeks ago 🙁
Favorite Perfume?: Turquatic from MAC
Favorite Holiday?: canada day! its the day before my sons birthday and i love celebrating the country we live in!
Are you married?: YES!
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: yes, atleast 30
Do you speak any other language?: no, i know words here and there of French and Spanish but i’m defiantly not fluent
How many siblings do you have?: 2 older sister 2 younger brothers and 3 step siblings
What is your favorite shop?: i don’t know if i have one, ive been finding alot of great finds at target lately and my always go to apricot lane
Favorite restaurant?: olive garden, i’m obsessed with chicken gnocchi soup
When was the last time you cried?: 2 weeks ago when i had to put our dog down
Favorite Blog?: jessica garvins littlebabygarvin
Favorite Movie?: i would say its a tie between Grease ( the original ) and Dirty Dancing
Favorite TV show?: its always been young and restless
PC or Mac?: although i would love a mac i have a PC
What phone do you have?: white iphone4s
How tall are you?: 5′ 1″
Can you cook?: yes, does it always taste good? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉 i try that’s all that matters

till next time.


July 14′ favorites.

hi all! its that time for another favorites! if you arnt familiar with them, i take a look back at the last month and tell you what ive been loving, its random every month, and includes usually stuff of mine and Oakley’s… here we go!




ONE : Nivea Lip Butter – ah maze balls. i purchased this at shoppers and it was on sale for i think about 2$? awesome price super moisturizing and smells perfectly raspberry. im in love, but everyone know how much i love my nivea!
TWO : Fabuloso – this is the bees knees. now that i have red hair, all my red head (wanna-bees 😉 ) will agree how hard it is to keep it looking fresh and not like dead autumn leaves. well this is amazing, i paid 30$ for it and its like a conditioner that’s colored (bright red- they do have many colors though) and you apply it while in the shower replacing the conditioner and BAM insta beautiful red hair. im obsessed, the only down side, it stains everything, so you do need to wear a good pair of gloves and make sure if it gets on you, wipe it off stat.
THREE : kid kraft metro train table – this was oakley’s big gift for his second birthday and although it was pricey, i think 200$ from costco is what i paid, its well worth the money, he plays with it ALL DAY LONG, literally hours, its constructed great, looks great and anything that keeps him entertained is a win in my books.
FOUR :  Aladdin tumbler – love this cup, i bought a pack of three for 19$ at costco (also found at target) they are like double cupped if that makes sense? so they stay so cold for hours and hold a decent amount of beverage. AND oakley loves them too. Any cup that’s not really his cup he loves. so i pretend to pour me a drink and then he takes it and sips on it all day.
FIVE : maybelline rocket mascara – this is a new found love, i got 2 for 8 dollars at shoppers and thought hey lets give her a try, and i love it, i think it gives great volume and length! the only thing i don’t love is how much product comes out but i just take some off from the sides and other then that its awesome, i think it works just as great as my benefit they’re real. which is 30$ so for me 4$ or 30$, yea easy decision.
SIX : nashville “believing” – this is my favorite song of the month easy, i find myself listening to it over and over and over! i obviously got mine from itunes, for like 1.29$ but its just a beautiful song, lyrics are wonderful and nashvillle is just such an amazing show if you havent seen it when the new season starts you should watch it – airs Sept 24
SEVEN : glitter sandals – love these things. i got them when they were on sale for 20$ and seriously they are the best. the first time i wore them they hurt and i was so sad cause they were beauties. but i wore again and never a hurt after that!

hope you all enjoy my monthly favorites and let me know if you try or have tried any of mine 🙂