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“Oakee big boy momma”

here’s an ppdate on sweet little {not so little} baby cakes!

How Old: 2 1/2 (32 months)

Height & Weight: 42″ (99%) & 29 lbs (40%)

Teeth: he has all of them!

Sleeping: still great! 130-4 he takes a nap and 9pm-8am is his bed time sleepy time…  unless he has a nightmare which is rare he doesn’t really wake anymore at night. He now sleeps with his two stuffed dogs a chocolate lab he calls and a pomerania he calls booboo, and usually a hot wheels car. i pick my battles LOL

Drinking: water, diluted juice, yogurt drinks and 2% milk

Eating: most everything except meat.  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

Diaper Size: Oak has been PT’ed since his birthday.

Clothing Size: basically were moving everything to 3T right now, which is a freakin issue because hes tall and skinny he needs the length however, he needs adjustable waistbands for the skinny boy problems ha!

Love’s: what he wants when he wants. typical 2 year old. he loves his big cousins, loves puppies and kitties and loves to brush his teeth himself…. also currently obsessed with pancakes. he wants them every single day for breakfast.

Loathe’s: meat… the struggle is real. boy doesnt like meat. hes like his momma. he also hates being woken up and doesn’t like to be inturpted to do anything like eat or potty if he’s playing.

Words: i think at his age he should be saying about 300 words, putting together 2 and 3 word sentances and really starting to take off with vocab, but hes defiantly no where near that yet. as i said in previous posts we are working with speech laungage pathologists (SLP) and have registered him in a SLP prek class and starts in september 4 days a week 1/2 days, which i really think is going to make a HUGE difference. he currently says probably 100-150 words, combining a few sentances. but has a long way to go. Last time he was assessed he was about 10 months behind where he should be.

Personality: so kind, so sweet, so well mannered. and simply inspiring.



25 random facts about me!

Middle name?: Mary-Jo
Favorite subject at school?: Math and Biology
Favorite drink?: cold bev’s i love iced coffee and iced tea, hot bev’s i love hot chocolate
Favorite song at the moment?: believing – from the Nashville soundtrack
Favorite food?: i love pastas and Ukrainian foods
What is the last thing you bought?: a couple tees from GAP
What career would you love to have?: as long as i could remember ive wanted to be a hair stylist
Favorite Color?: right now, Coral
Any pets?: not right now, we just had to put our dog kiwi down 2 weeks ago 🙁
Favorite Perfume?: Turquatic from MAC
Favorite Holiday?: canada day! its the day before my sons birthday and i love celebrating the country we live in!
Are you married?: YES!
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: yes, atleast 30
Do you speak any other language?: no, i know words here and there of French and Spanish but i’m defiantly not fluent
How many siblings do you have?: 2 older sister 2 younger brothers and 3 step siblings
What is your favorite shop?: i don’t know if i have one, ive been finding alot of great finds at target lately and my always go to apricot lane
Favorite restaurant?: olive garden, i’m obsessed with chicken gnocchi soup
When was the last time you cried?: 2 weeks ago when i had to put our dog down
Favorite Blog?: jessica garvins littlebabygarvin
Favorite Movie?: i would say its a tie between Grease ( the original ) and Dirty Dancing
Favorite TV show?: its always been young and restless
PC or Mac?: although i would love a mac i have a PC
What phone do you have?: white iphone4s
How tall are you?: 5′ 1″
Can you cook?: yes, does it always taste good? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉 i try that’s all that matters

till next time.