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better late than never! AUGUST FAVORITES!

sorry guys! a little late with this one. ūüôā heres my favs for the month of August and i just cant.freaking.believe.its.september. IS THIS REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW? its like basically christmas lol.


ONE oakley has been obsessed with this little set, specifically the cup with the lid, it has a little clip you pull open and closed and has the perf little hole so not so much beverage comes out at once, oak is a cronic spiller and this has done every well in our house this month!
TWO song of the month has been i love only you by nitty gritty dirt band, lord knows its old, but its just sooooo good, and everyone who knows me KNOWS i love me some country.
THREE nyx butter gloss in apple strudlelhas been my fav this month i’ve been wearing it like, everyday. i love basically all of the colours in the butter gloss but i’m really loving apple strudel, ive gone through a couple of tubes of this in the last couple months and ill be repurchasing more and more and more
FOUR SQUEAL! my new glasses! girl can see again, these are the frames i got and i love them, they are different, i never thought i would be getting a coloured frame but i did and i get compliments all the time, my husband says i look like a nerd, in a sexy good way! i got them at FYI doctors!
FIVE these are one of my JUSTFAB shoes that i recently hauled, which you can read about here, these shoes are the bomb. seriously thought, they are SO comfortable and it is crazy that i think i’m going to order another pair in fear of these ones ever get old and fall apart??
SIX greet tea lemonade {starbucks} baby! we had some super hot days in august and ive been loving this drink… of course next month youll see what my fav HOT drink is, since its been FREAKIN SNOWING WHERE I LIVE @#$P(&!@(&P!!!


till next time loves.

Oakley is TWO & perfectly perfect

How Old: TWO years old on July 2 {pure insanity}

Height & Weight: 37 1/2 (95%) & 27.5 lbs (40%)

Teeth: he now has all his baby teeth, except his two year molars

Sleeping: great! 1-330 nap and 8pm-8am, hasnt awoke an night in months! WHOOP

Drinking:¬†2 % – he was on whole milk however he was SO constipated, even¬†after introducing a high fibre diet and¬†restoralax¬†(sp?)¬†that after a couple months we switched to 2% and he hasn’t had not one hard poop since then

Eating: everything, he has days he doesn’t love food and other days he eats as much as me.. he does eat white meats but doesn’t really like red meats!

Diaper Size:¬†happy to announce hes¬†not in diapers!! FULLY POTTY TRAINED BABY. has been for about 3 weeks now, started around his 2nd birthday and he took it like a champ. very minimal accidents like 3 the first day and 1 since then, i’m so proud of him.

Clothing Size: 2T in basically everything, theres a couple pairs of shorts with adjustable waist pants i had to pull out in 24 months cause since we lost the diaper and his booty is so skinny he needs the smaller waist again lol.

Love’s: still his big cousins, and really loves outside, everyday he wakes up and says out mama knees (please) its supa cute.

Loathe’s: well he used to love bath time but its hit and miss lately.. he still takes one every night as part of our routine, however sometimes he just plays in it for 30 minutes other times 30 seconds after he has been washed body hair and teeth.

Words: although he does talk alot¬†more then¬†my last update, it’s not¬†enough ūüôĀ recommended¬†amount¬†is about 50 words at his age and although¬†i’ve¬†never sat down and counted i¬†dont¬†think hes¬†really there yet, he has been working with a speech pathologist/therapist/ and will be starting play and say group classes with other kids his age that are behind in speech. he will also be getting tested in march( or earlier ) to see if he qualifies¬†to go to a funded speech pre-pre k. some words he does say are things like mama out, again, more, please (knees), hi, bye, up, down, oh no ( i’m¬†sure atleast¬†20 more) and says some spanish words weve¬†been working on like besos¬†(kisses), hola¬†(hi), rojo¬†(red), adios¬† (bye) and more…

Personality: Oakley is so loving, caring, sweet, and fun! he loves to have a good time and make others laugh by laughing at himself

Milestones:¬†besides potty training, he knows all of his body parts even harder ones like armpit and nostrils, which is cute i¬†say where’s¬†your nostrils¬†oak, and he puts both fingers in his nose holes. he’s a gem

incase you missed my last post here’s a couple updated pics of oak from our family shoot june 22. 2014 just two weeks before he turned two.











Oakley’s 1 YEAR old!

SO crazy talk right there! number one i’m late on this post because my laptop battery AND power supply crapped out, what the?! so i finally got my replacments in the mail, so happy! anways — i’m going to get right into Oakley bears update!

How Old: ONE YEAR on July 2 {pure insanity}

Height & Weight: 33 1/2 inches (95%) & 21.5 lbs (45%)

Teeth: 3 bottom, 4 tops, 1 more bottom coming in on the bottom, and 2 more tops coming in on the top, so 7 now, soon to be 10!

Sleeping: pretty well the same as the last update…TYPICALLY you sleep through the night. Except when teeth or belly aches wake you.

Drinking: completely weaned from breastfeeding to whole milk

Eating: still everything! loves all food, ive come to learn though it has to be fresh ie. fresh fruit or fresh cooked, he refuses to eat left overs.. what the?

Diaper Size: still cloth diapering in a size 1 applecheeks, when hes being babysat hes in size 3 swaddlers

Clothing Size: i need to do some serious shopping, he’s in all 12 month clothes only i dont have very many so some stuff hes in 9 and it doesnt fit. {shamefull i know!!} still in 18 month sleepers although those are now getting tight and soon hell be in 2T sleepers… and i did actually buy him some big boy jammies in a 2T and they fit great, and he looks SO cute in them!

Love’s: loves his big cousins! when my SIL watches him my neices and him have a blast, he loves to play with them, just the other day i went into the room where he was playing and he was kissing one of the girls’ doll’s. Jezz better be kissing only boy!

Loathe’s: i cant say he really hates to do anything, however lately he has shown signs of little tantrums in we tell him no, which i thought never came till like 18+ months buttt apparently not!

Words: mama, dada,  hi & no,

Personality: hes just the sweetest little toddler ever, he is so go at loving and showing it by kisses and hugs, and is really getting to be a smart little cookie!

Milestones: hes a walkin’ machine! loves to walk walk walk! and hes so cute when he does it! Also, he knows how when i sign to him for eat, milk, more, all done, thankyou, and please, and he can sign back to me milk, more, and eat. ALSO were working on matching words to pictures, so in his books he knows where the puppy is when i say wheres the puppy? he also knows kitty, fish and bird!

We didn’t do much for his birthday, we just went to my inlaws and had a little sunday BBQ for him, he was just getting over his FIRST real sickness {which was NOT pretty & involved a trip to the stollery childres hospital, many doctor appts and alot of vomit} so just BBQ and a little cake! which ill post photos of soon…more to come soon, like i said i’m so happy to have a new charger and battery for my laptop so expect more posts and pictures!

October Favorites!

ahhh! i¬†feel like I’ve¬†been seriously slackin’ in the posting department & I’m¬†so so so so sorry¬†but the plague¬†hit my house and we’ve all been sick with the stomach flu! started monday and im finally starting to feel better! Any who¬†i¬†just wanted to give everyone my October Favorites as well as leave a pic of my cute lil bambino on Halloween! WHICH BY THE WAY I HOPE EVERYONE HAD A FANTASTIC DAY! Like always leave a comment below and let me know some of your favorite October items!

  1. UGG¬†Classic Cardy Boots (approx 200$):¬†forreals¬†INLOVE¬†with my uggs. I¬†have been since the first time I¬†seen them in 2006. I¬†have I¬†think 5 pairs that i¬†rotate in and out of, they are perfect and keep my toes toasty warm with the cold winter weather that we’ve been having here. and the 10cm of snow we just got today… gah =(
  2. Rimmel’s Stay Matte Translucent Powder (approx 5$):¬†I¬†think this is the PERFECT setting powder. it keeps my face from being shiny! I’ve¬†been using this powder for about 3¬† months now and it’s just¬†overall my fav¬†of any I’ve ever used.
  3. ERGO Baby Carrier (approx 120$):¬†I’m¬†in love with baby wearing, I¬†put Oakley in it and he instantly falls asleep, I¬†just got this about 2 months ago and use it ALL THE TIME. to walk to the corner store, to get groceries, for a walk around the lake, anything! I love that the material is thick, so its keeps baby warm against the cooler elements!
  4. MAC’s Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish (approx 30$):¬†I¬†love how this gives your skin a perfect little glow and shimmer. I’ve¬†been using this in place of my blush and I think it gives you a beautiful luminous bronzed shimmer look!
  5. Aden + Anais Sleep Sack (approx 40$):¬†Now that it’s so¬†cold here as an extra layer for Oakley at night, these sleep sacks come in super handy, since blankets are a nono¬†these are perfect to keep him warm at night! I’m¬†a a+a lover, there’s no denying that! bwaha¬†I¬†have I¬†think almost one of every one of¬†their products! I love the muslin cotton!
  6. Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer (approx. 40$): Again because its cold a perfect little warm me up for his little bum is this wipe warmer, I love it and I know Oakley does too!

annnnnd for my baby love!
thought it was perfect as he was born ‘year of the dragon’ : )

*This is my opinion of these items which I’ve purchased myself from one of their retailers. I am not affiliated nor have I been paid for this

Oakley’s Nursery

When my husband and I found out we were having a boy, I¬†instantly started thinking about little ideas I¬†wanted for the nursery. We went back and forth¬†and there were a ton of inspirations saved on my¬†computer and a few¬†that I had on my pinterest board. I didn’t really know what I¬†wanted for a crib or the colours for the wall etc. It took me a long time to decide and well it took me 4 months to complete because I¬†couldn’t¬†make up my mind.. oops. Although in my defense we moved to a new house when I¬†was 8 months pregnant so I¬†wasnt really able to do the nursery for 20 weeks, i¬†had just purchased all the items and had them stacking up in a room of my old house [I¬†still called it Oakley’s room hehe] After showing my husband what¬†all I wanted to do and he agreed I¬†started purchasing all the big items like the crib, and changer etc. When we moved into our new house I¬†was like in ‘nesting’ mode. We got new carpet for Oakley’s room and finally after a week and that was all done Tyler started painting the walls, putting¬†up for decals, building all the furniture¬†etc all the big stuff that my big bellied self couldn’t¬†do. For those of you who don’t¬†personally know me, don’t¬†know I¬†was a giant beast at the end of my pregnancy, I legit had insane swollen feet, felt like it was hard to move sleep eat anything… all I’ll¬†say is I¬†was measuring 44 weeks pregnant the day I¬†delivered which was my due date..Anyways once my husband put all the big items together¬†I¬†began doing all the little things as well as washing all his clothes, blankets, bedding etc. Below ill make a list of all the items we have for the room and link them if I remember where I got them! Theres still a few more things to do like put up his mobile [now that he’s¬†sleeping in his room] put some art on the wall that I¬†have I just need to frame it and what not and¬†I need to get some blackout blinds and im thinking orange curtains. Keeping in mind this is probably not a typical nursery as we wanted Oakley to grow into his room and not out of it. This is Oakley’s nursery debut ūüôā

Paint Colour is JAVA purchased at lowes
Crib (540$) Purchased online at lussobaby.ca
Crib Mattress (160$) Came as a special with our crib
Changer (130$) Purchased from Ikea, its actually a bookself turned on the side
Rocker (180$) Purchased from Ikea.  Colours are Robust dark brown leather + black brown frame
Footstool (120$) Purchased from Ikea. Colours are Robust dark brown leather + black brown frame
Wall Decals¬†(80$) Purchased off etsy. Easy to install, & you can choose any colours you like ūüôā
Crib Blanket (55$) Purchased off etsy. Chevron pattern white and orange on one side, minky dimple white on other side
Fitted Crib Sheet (35$) Purchased off etsy. White minky dimple fabric
Change Pad Cover (2/40$) Purchased off etsy. I Purchased Blue and Orange minky dimple
Crib Dream Soother (70$) This was a gift i registered for, can be purchased at Babies R Us
Mobile (26$) Purchased from wee gallery
Mobile Attachments (13$) Purchased from wee gallery
Fabric Drawers (2/10$) I got 4 of each blue and orange for Target
Closet Shelf (70$) Purchased from Ikea, again its just a bookshelf we attached rods to.
Table Lamp (15$) Purchased from Ikea
Sterlite¬†Organizer¬†(20$) Purchased from Walmart¬†( the link is¬†to the new model, i couldn’t¬†find the exact one I have )
Sound Machine  (50$) Purchased from babies r us
Video Monitor (300$) Was a gift but can be purchased from babies R us
Mirror (25$) I made this myself, bought a cheap mirror from homesense and spray painted it which i purchased from Home Depot as well as mirrored glass and mirror glue
Oilers¬†Painting (priceless : )) my dad painted this for Oakley’s room, just like he painted a picture for my room when¬†i was young

say WHAT?! Oakley is THREE months old!

Seriously? i have a THREE month old? i remember when i would read blogs when i was pregnant about women having two, three, four month olds and thinking wow that seems so far away! & yet here you are three months old.

Three month months old and you have changed so much. I took you to get weighed+measured¬†on your three-month¬†birthday and you weighed 13lbs¬†2oz¬†& 24 1/4 long!¬†WOW you grew 5lbs & 5 1/4 in since birth! In the last month you’ve learned to [almost] completely roll over by yourself back to front! you LOVE to bounce standing up, and you only love your daddy, no other male can hold you. but that’s¬†ok, you cant help but love your daddy and neither can I. You have officially found your hands and would rather put them in your mouth then your soother. Actually you’ll suck and bite on anything and everything pretty much! You also love your activity mat and you stay there for a couple of hours¬†a day just swinging back and forth¬†your arms, your pretty cute doing it too¬†I¬†must admit. You are getting good at fighting your afternoon nap…but you love to fall asleep in your car seat — now if only we could get you to fall asleep in your crib during the day for long periods of time, like you do at night in your crib!! [which BTW you sleep AMAZING! 930-430 & 5-9, mama loves you for this]¬†We’ve just recently tried out the jolly jumper and it was a hit,¬†I cant wait till your so strong you can bounce like crazy in there! you do so many things¬†I cant even think of them all, ill just say that your little smile and giggles and sweet face just melt my heart everytime &¬†I just cant get enough of you, mama loves you SO much i’m just so excited to watch to grow into the little man you are becoming each and everyday. xox

and for some pictures : )
[just so everyone knows; i’m THAT mom that takes like 34580948304976 flicktures a day !]

happy [canadian] thanksgiving

While this year im thankful for all my family and friends, as well as my health and happiness. I’m especially thankful for my husband and son. Today Oakley wanted to give me ‘thanks’ by ‘giving’ me a gift I don’t ever want to receive again. While I was giving him snuggles and kisses, he spit up IN my mouth. I choked. & swallowed my regurgitated breastmilk…….HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I don’t really know… but i looked down at him and he’s laughing like ‘what mama i just wanted to share, you don’t like?’

I was lucky enough to have TWO turkey dinners this year spending quality time with my husband’s family! besides my favorite breaded turkey breast the best part is truly coming together and making memories. My husband’s cousin also had a baby 2 months after Oakley was born and the babies just seemed to lighten everyone’s spirits [even though Oakley cried most of the night.. he’s one shy boy!] leave me a comment below and let me know what you are thankful for & your favorite dish at dinner!

happy thanksgiving all!


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