LONG TIME NO TALK! & family photos!

wow, i’m so lame! i cant believe its been a year or so since i last posted. i feel like i have no excuse other than life just takes you by! Oakley is now TWO YEARS OLD, say WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT?! not possible. i just was pregnant like yesterday.. well that’s what it feels like anyways. i will do a separate update for him since hes changed so much in the last year. hes just such a little man, seriously i’m so blessed.

Anyways, i wanted to update you all with some adorbs family photos. i asked the photographer that did my boudoir photos (for my hubby for a wedding gift) and she did our engagement photos to recommend a family photographer in my area as Jennifer moved to Vancouver, and well, she recommended a lady Carla, who seriously is UNREAL. she spend like 2 hours with us and just captured Oakley so well, all his little looks and gestures. hes such a ham. Carla was like 33 or so weeks pregnant when she shot the shoot end of june and she rocked it. i’m so happy i listened to jennifer and chose carla for photos. i got 88 photos back from her and i cant choose cause i seriously am obsessed with every single one of that, that’s not an a joke either!!! here’s a couple in the mean while till i do Oakley TWO year update.

 Oakley + mama oakley 09 oakley 13oakley 12 oakley 09oakley 47oakley 49oakley 52oakley 56oakley 59


seriously though i want to give another shout out to Carla, she is amazingly talented and i just couldn’t have asked for better pictures capturing my little family. i feel so blessed to have these memories i can look at forever. chat soon!

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  1. carla

    oh my gosh!!! you are so sweet! i just saw the link to your blog on your IG and came and am so happy i did. what a sweet sweet girl you are! thank you for all the love. i LOVED capturing you guys and am so happy you love the photos as much as i do. you have a beautiful family <3


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