who i follow on insta & why.

i truly think that instagram is my favorite social media outlet. i suck at twitter, i really do. and personally facebook i love to catch up with my friends, but instead of of reading status’ i really love just scrolling through pictures and ‘double tapping’  to love the picture and i just love to see what everyone is up to via pictures! in no particular order  my top 6!….

ONE : APRICOT LANE – obsessed doesn’t seem to be enough. this is a SUPER cute SUPER affordable clothing company with the latest trends. They post daily with new outfit ideas and how they style their own clothes, they have clothes, shoes, accessories, and just everything you can think of, and again super affordable. i really love the clothes they have they are really great quality and really gorgeous. even though its in the states, i still pay the price and ship it to me because its just cute and there’s nothing like it here where i live.

TWO : JESSICA GARVIN  – this girl. her kids are so cute, she is famous on pinterest for her chalkboard art, which is amazing. she did them for her “weekly bumpdates” as well as holiday chalkboards, shes amazing. She is also a fellow blogger… her daughters Harper & Eloise are beautiful, and Jessica herself its gorgeous! shes so inspirational, has the cutest DIY ideas, and she kills it with her breakfast cute-sie ideas. toast into bears, mind blown.

THREE : GIGI – a serious inspiration. i came across Gigi on her  YouTube channel, and i just instantly loved her. her story is amazing, and shes again is, so so so so stunning. shes so real, which i love, and she seems like someone that could be my BFF in regular life. I feel like she is such an inspiration to people and lives life so positively. Shes all about making youself happy and living life to the fullest. if you dont know of Gigi or haven’t watched her YT to see her story i defiantly think you should check her out.

FOUR : MEGAN – my most favorite beauty vlogger around (well tied with my #five)… again i found her on YouTube and ive been watching her for about two or three years. she is one of my favorite instagram posters because her pictures are just so real. Shes taught me via her YT videos so much about makeup and more that i’m forever grateful ( girl doesn’t even know me and i’m all “AHHHHHMEN girl.” she posts pics of her and her BF, sister and other cutesy things. she just seems to have an amazing heart inside and out, and shes young and trendy so i feel like i can trust her LOL

FIVE : JACLYN HILL – this girl has my heart. she is young, beautiful, and has a heart of gold. i yet again found her on YouTube. Besides her beauty, girls got it together. She married her husby like i want say 6 years ago, and i die on how cute they are, seriously seems like day one of falling in love everyday. Shes an amazing MUA, has her own lipstick!!! has teamed up with my love for brushes Sigma Beauty to make her own (limited edition) brush set….has mad style, and she posts adorbs pictures. her dog georgie is soooo cute. i love to follow her because although i cant do really my hair or makeup worth the poops, i pretend like oh hay i can be like jaclyn and … i try ( but doesn’t actually happen ) love her.

SIX : APPLECHEEKS – this is my love for cloth diapers right here. Oakley was exclusive to this brand, always loved the fit, loved the style and loved the cute colors and prints. i’m sad were finished diapering because i love watching their reveals, and who doesn’t love a colorful fluffy butt. i love to follow AC because they post pictures of cute babies in diapers and hello ain’t nothing cuter!!! Not just the product, but the ladies behind it are amazing, when they release a new color or print its like HALLELUJAH and they make a epic video each time. super fun, super cute, super love.

till next time loves.


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